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GSSI 2015 Membership


Membership includes four print issues of The Saga of Southern Illinois, periodic electronic issues of the GSSI Newsletter, free shipping of GSSI publications, and reduced rate registration for the Annual Conference.
 All Memberships are for the calendar year.

GSSI Membership (Basic)


Annual membership for one or more people living at the same address. If a Joint Membership, please give both names.

GSSI Membership (Sustaining)


Add an extra $10 to help further the work of the Genealogy of Society of Southern Illinois. This helps keep basic dues low for people on fixed incomes.

GSSI Membership (Supporting)

Members who contribute $50 or more annually to further the work of GSSI  are recognized as Supporting Members of the Society.
Fees for Special Service (as applicable)

Printed Newsletters by Mail


Late Renewal (after March 15)

Postage for mailing outside U.S.A.


Last Update January 14, 2015