YEAR: 2018      STATUS:____New _____Renewal_____Rejoining

            ____Individual $25  or ____Household  $25

            ____Sustaining $35 

            ____Supporting ( $50 or more )

New members who join late in the year will receive all issues of the Saga for that year.  Current members renewing after March 15, 2018 should add $5.00 postage & handling for Saga back issues.

GSSI Newsletters are published on line.  Add $10.00 for printing & postage if you want printed Newsletters mailed to you.

Add $10.00 for international postage if mailing address is outside the United States.



City__________________________________________ State________ Zip +4___________

E-mail_______________________________ Telephone _____________________________

Print and mail application with check payable to Genealogy Society of Southern Illinois to:

Genealogy Society of Southern Illinois
c/o John A. Logan College
700 Logan College Rd.
Carterville, IL 62918-2500

Amount Enclosed: ___________

Enclose a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want membership card(s) mailed to you.

Query to be published in the Newsletter:




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Last update: January 18, 2018