Obituaries and Death Notices
in Pulaski County, Illinois Newspapers

The Pulaski Patriot

 22 Apr & 7 Nov 1885; 12 Nov 1887

Mound City, Pulaski County, Illinois

Transcribed and annotated by Darrel Dexter

The Pulaski Patriot, Saturday, 25 Apr 1885:
At Ullin, yesterday, Frank Cameron and Robert Bise became involved in a row, when Dick Wilson became involved in the difficultly and cut Bise in the head with a knife.  The cuts are serious and may result in the death of Bise.

(He must have survived, as the Saturday, 24 Apr 1886, Patriot stated that “The county board on the 19th ult. granted a license to Robert Bise to open a dram shop at Ullin.”—Darrel Dexter)

The Pulaski Patriot, Saturday, 7 Nov 1885:
Mr. Willis Pillow, aged 84 years, died at his home at Law, Henderson County, Tenn., on the 26th of October.  Deceased was the father of Mrs. I. W. Read, of this city, also of Mr. Dick Pillow, who was in this city for some months, a short time since.

A colored school teacher named G. V. Lane, who teaches the colored school at America, was shot by another colored man named Morris last Sunday.  Lane was shot in the head, but will recover.  Morris and his brother, who was concerned in the attempted assassination, are now in the county jail.

The Pulaski Patriot, Saturday, 12 Nov 1887:
Mr. H. H. Weiting, an old resident of this county, died at his home near Villa Ridge last Monday.  Mr. Weiting has been ill some time and his death was not unexpected.

Miss Bertha Waugh is lying very ill at her home in Cairo.  She has a severe attack of typho-malarial fever.

Tuesday, the 8th, our esteemed friend and citizen, H. H. Weiting passed away from a life of usefulness into the reward promised those who are faithful to the end.  Mr. Weiting has long been a sufferer from heart and liver difficulties; a few days since he contracted pneumonia which his constitution was unable to stand and the result was the grim monster came with his sickle keen and gathered in the soul of our beloved brother for his eternal life on high; he was 63 years of age; was a faithful, conscientious Christian, a kind, courteous neighbor and a true upright man, highly esteemed by everybody.  (Villa Ridge)

Last Monday, while cutting down a tree, John Atherton received severe injuries about the head by the tree falling on him.  His recovery is very doubtful.  The tree also fell on one of Mr. Stringer's little boys, who miraculously escaped injury. (Pulaski)

With sadness we announce the demise of Mr. Henry Weiting, at his home last Tuesday.  In his death we lose another aged and respected citizen.  (Pulaski)

A young man named Wes Milford and a son of William Britt engaged in a quarrel at church at Center last Friday night, which resulted in Milford stabbing Britt in the shoulder, inflicting a painful wound.  They were arrested and lodged in jail.  It is high time a stop was being put to the ill behavior at church.  These shooting and cutting scraped are too frequent occurrences.  (Pulaski)

Maggie, daughter of George Ingram, one of our respected colored citizens died last Monday. (America)

           (The father may be the same person as George Ingram, who married Lucy Morris on 9 Mar 1876, in Pulaski Co, Ill.—Darrel Dexter) 

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