Obituaries and Death Notices in the Jonesboro Gazette


Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois

Transcribed by:

Darrel Dexter

5 Jan 1878:

Jackson Frick, of Jonesboro, youngest son of Caleb Frick, born 21 Aug 1845, in Jonesboro, died

Saturday (29 Dec 1877), and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

Matthew Houser, of Cobden, aged 23 years, was killed by Columbus Armstrong, a bartender in Frank

Condon’s saloon.  (See also 12 Jan 1878, issue.)


12 Jan 1878:

Stephen Myers was killed by a rolling log 3 Dec 1877.

George T. Fallon, of Makanda, died of typhoid pneumonia 31 Dec 1877.

Harry B. Wallace, son of J.F.F. Wallace, of Cobden, aged 1 years, 7 months, died 8 Jan 1878.

Mr. Wagoner was murdered in July 1877 by Harrison Burkelow, who was sentenced to be hanged at

Vienna, Johnson County, 15 Jan 1878, but the governor gave him one year respite.  (See also 19 Jan 1878, issue.)


26 Jan 1878:

Mary J. Jacques, wife of Dr. I.C. Jacques, of Cobden, died 19 Jan 1878.

Charles D. Bush, only infant son of Charles D. and Nancy V. Bush, of Makanda, died 19 Jan 1878.

Thomas Ury, brother of Martin Ury, aged about 48 years, died at his residence three miles south of

Jonesboro 22 Jan 1878, and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery.


2 Feb 1878:

Lula Elmo Gay, daughter of Dr. F.C. and Emma L. Gay, aged 2 months, 5 days, died at her residence in  Jonesboro

       23 Jan 1878.


9 Feb 1878:

Mrs. Piercy Pender, widow of Durham D. Pender, born in South Carolina, aged 68 years, died at

residence in Jonesboro 27 Jan 1878.  She came to Illinois in 1822.

John L. Evans, formerly of Jackson County, died at the insane asylum in Anna last Wednesday (6 Feb 1878).


16 Feb 1878:

Daniel D. Cover, aged 59 years, 8 months, 20 days, died of paralytic stroke at residence in Anna 14 Feb 1878.

Son of Clement Phelps died three miles east of Pomona last Saturday (9 Feb 1878).


23 Feb 1878:

Grandmother Sanders, aged nearly 90 years, died at the residence of James S. Childers of Makanda Monday

       (18 Feb 1878).


2 Mar 1878:

John O. Bradshaw was shot and killed by William Penrod at Mt. Pisgah School nine miles east of

Dongola in Johnson County, Friday evening (22 Feb 1878).  (See also 9 Mar 1878, and 1 Nov 1879, issues.)

Mrs. Janette Otrich, sister-in-law of C.L. Otrich, J.W. Otrich and George Otrich, aged 30 years, died of

consumption at her residence southeast of Anna 15 Feb 1878.

Willis Willard, infant of Willis Jr. and Nannie Willard, aged 7 months, 5 days, died 23 Feb 1878. 


9 Mar 1878:

Henry Hileman, aged 78 years, 8 months, died of injuries received from a falling tree at his residence two

miles west of Jonesboro 2 Mar 1878, and was buried in Casper Cemetery.  (See also 23 Feb 1878, issue.)


16 Mar 1878:

Paul Karraker, of four miles east of Dongola, was buried in Hinkle Graveyard on Tuesday (12 Mar


Elder H. Edward Hempstead, son of Benjamin Hempstead, born 9 Nov 1814, in Bertie Co., N.C., aged

63 years, 3 months, 22 days, died at the residence of his daughter F.A. Blake in Hillsboro, Miss., 3 Mar 1878.  He was pastor of Jonesboro Baptist Church, but moved south at the beginning of the Civil War.  Frank Hempstead was a son or brother and he also had several daughters, “cultivated young women who left their impress on Jonesboro society.”  (See also 20 Nov 1908, issue.)

Elizabeth Wright, consort of Revia Wright, of Vienna, Johnson County, died.


23 Mar 1878:

The Rev. F.F. Keller, formerly of Union County, father of Henry Keller, born in Middle Tennessee,

age 61 years, 1 month, 6 days, died of pneumonia and erysipelas at his residence in Chalk Bluff, Ark., 1 Mar 1878.


30 Mar 1878:

A.L. Penninger, of the eastern part of Union County, aged 53 years, died 23 Mar 1878, buried and was in

Bradshaw Masonic Cemetery.  (See also 18 May 1878, issue.)  (His marker in Ebenezer Hall Cemetery gives his year of death as 1894, but his death certificate confirms the 1878 date.)


13 Apr 1878:

Orlie T. Clay died 9 Apr 1878.

Henry Hahn, of Makanda, died of typhoid fever 9 Apr 1878.


20 Apr 1878:

William P. Rushing, born in North Carolina, aged 67 years, 6 months, 18 days, died of pneumonia at his

residence one mile south of Jonesboro 5 Apr 1878, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.


27 Apr 1878:

J. Fremont Bush, of Makanda, died of consumption at Black Creek, near San Antonio, Texas, 15 Apr 1878.

Mary Ann Avet, wife of William T. Avet, of Mill Creek and daughter of C.G. Flaugh, aged 29 years, 8

months, 23 days, died at her residence south of Jonesboro 21 Apr 1878, and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery.  (See also 4 May 1878, issue.)


4 May 1878:

Joseph Lamer, born 28 Apr 1791, aged 87 years, died at the residence of William Abernathie near Alto Pass.

      He came to Illinois in 1815.

Orla Hayward "Howard" Bristol, husband of Jane Kitchell, born 4 Oct 1811, in Addison Co., Vt., died at

Dongola of general debility and indigestion 26 Apr 1878.  He was the Dongola correspondent of the Jonesboro Gazette.

James "Doctor" Bryant, aged 73 years, committed suicide by cutting his own throat at Joliet Prison 18 Mar 1878.

      He had been convicted of bigamy in Union County.


11 May 1878:

Mrs. David Green, of Cobden, died.


18 May 1878:

Frederick Seger, aged 30 years, died at his residence in Jonesboro 14 May 1878.


25 May 1878:

John Shaffer Hacker, son of William Hacker, born in  Davis Co., Ky., in November 1789, aged 89 years,

died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. A. Simonds, 18 May 1878.  (See also 1 Jun 1878, and 18 Jun 1909, issues.)

Wesley W. Martin, aged 22 years, formerly of Jonesboro, died of consumption at Decaturville, Tenn., 11 May 1878


8 Jun 1878:

Thomas Watson, of Cobden, died 30 May 1878.

Emma Eliza Carr, wife of Charles Carr, daughter of George W. and Anna Hileman, born 24 Nov 1855,

near Du Quoin, Ill., aged 23 years, died 20 May 1878.


15 Jun 1878:

Judge Amos H. Norris died at Newport, Fla., 1 Jun 1878.


22 Jun 1878:

John McNamee committed suicide at Tamaroa and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.


29 Jun 1878:

Mrs. John McNamee was shot by her husband at Tamora and died last Friday (21 Jun 1878).

Prof. Headley died from injuries received when his balloon fell in Stoddard Co., Mo., 29 May 1878.

Infant son of Dr. A.G. and S.R. Williams, of Dongola, died Tuesday evening (25 Jun 1878).


13 Jul 1878:

Lucile Hacker, infant daughter of N.W. and Mary L. Hacker, aged 7 months, 25 days, died at her

residence on 7th Street in Cairo, Alexander County, 10 Jul 1878, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.


20 Jul 1878:

John X. Smith, of Jacksonville, formerly of Genesee, aged about 50 years, died of sun stroke 15 Jul 1878.

Mildred Price, aged 13 years, died of sunstroke while working in a hay field in Hart’s Prairie Saturday (13 Jul 1878).

Libbie Wallace, youngest daughter of Ans. Wallace, of Cobden, aged 1 year, 2 months, died 5 Jul 1878.

Ernest Walter Ransmeir, infant twin son of Michael Ransmeir, of Jonesboro, born 29 Aug 1877, died 16 Jul 1878.


27 Jul 1878:

Infant of Jesse and Julia Duncan, of Mill Creek, aged 2 months, 19 days, died 19 Jul 1878.


3 Aug 1878:

Mary Frances "Fanny" Miller, wife of John B. Miller, of Anna, aged 34 years, died 29 Jul 1878.  (See

also 10 Aug 1878, issue.)

William Scott Kaley, son of William and Melvina Kaley, aged 2 years, died in September 1849.

John Crowell, aged 24 years, died in September 1849.


10 Aug 1878:

Andrew Sitter, son of Isaac Sitter, aged 19 years, was thrown head first into fence while racing horses

and died Monday (5 Aug 1878), and was buried in Casper Cemetery.

Widow Smith, aged about 50 years, was killed by a falling tree during a storm on Hamburg Road, 10

miles west of Jonesboro, last Sunday (4 Aug 1878)  Also killed were:  Nancy Smith, aged 23 years, a daughter of Widow Smith; and Miss Tilda Mathias, aged 20 years.


17 Aug 1878:

The funeral of Elizabeth Rendleman, wife of Jacob Rendleman, was preached 18 Aug 1878.

Richard Guitteau, aged 32 years, nephew of Mrs. John Buck, was killed in a railroad accident at Cobden

14 Aug 1878, and was buried in Cobden Cemetery.


31 Aug 1878:

Myrtle Lee Brady, daughter of Charles and Laura Brady, of Dongola, died 23 Aug 1878.

Mr. E. Cheeseman, of Oaktown, Pulaski County, formerly of Dongola, died.

John Curril (or Currie), of Ullin, Pulaski County, died of general debility and fever last week.

John Oberly Sr., of Cairo, Alexander County, aged 71 years, died of congestion of lungs 25 Aug 1878.

L.F. Brooks, of Water Valley, died.

Mrs. Tracy, youngest daughter of C. O’Callahan, died of yellow fever at Memphis, Tenn., 20 Aug 1878.


7 Sep 1878:

Miss Eliza Lence, sister of Peter Lence, of Dongola, aged 57 years, died 1 Sep 1878. 

The funeral of Ambrose Albright was to be Sunday (8 Sep 1878).


14 Sep 1878:

Thomas Nally, of Cairo, Alexander County, died of fever Wednesday night (10 Sep 1878).

Isaac Mulkey, son of Judge J.H. Mulkey, of Cairo, Alexander County, died of yellow fever Thursday morning

      (11 Sep 1878).

Ray Chester, eldest son of Alice Chester, aged 7 years, 11 months, 20 days, died at his residence one and          a half miles southwest of Jonesboro 7 Sep 1878, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

Holden Rushen, husband of Delila (Jackson) Rushen, born in North Carolina, aged nearly 77 years, died

of congestive chill at his residence two miles south of Jonesboro 8 Sep 1878, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

John Hileman, brother of Thomas Hileman, of Mill Creek, died last Thursday (10 Sep 1878).


28 Sep 1878:

Annie Hilboldt, infant daughter of J. Henry and Ellen N. Hilboldt, of Jonesboro, aged 2 years, 7 months, 13 days,

      died 22 Sep 1878.


12 Oct 1878:

John Parmley, of Cobden, born in 1816 in Union County, aged 62 years, died last Sunday (6 Oct 1878)


26 Oct 1878:

The Rev. Isaac Shelt, of Dongola, died of pneumonia Tuesday (22 Oct 1878), and was buried at Karraker School.

A "tramp" was found dead in a straw stack on the farm of Mrs. George Dougherty west of Jonesboro.

The funeral of the wife of G.H. Baker, of Cobden, aged about 49 years, was preached last Tuesday (15Oct 1878).

Gertie Baker, daughter of Judge Baker, of Cairo, Alexander County, aged about 3 years, died of croup at

the residence of E.D. Lawrence in Cobden last Wednesday (23 Oct 1878).  (See also 2 Nov 1878, issue.)

Phil Howard, of Cairo, Alexander County, died last week.

Mr. Burgess, of Johnson County, died last March 1878.  His widow gave birth to twin girls a week ago.


2 Nov 1878:

Wife of William C. Hester, of the lower bottoms, aged 33 years, died 19 Oct 1878.


9 Nov 1878:

Mrs. Isaac Mowery, of near Mt. Pisgah Church, Dongola, aged about 50 years, hanged herself Monday (4 Nov 1878).

Mrs. Ana Wilkerson, of Dongola, died of gastritis 2 Nov 1878, and was buried in Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Pulaski County.


16 Nov 1878:

Bryan Shannessy, aged 73 years, died in Cairo, Alexander County, 5 Nov 1878.  He was the first settler in Cairo.

Samuel A. Buckmaster died at his residence in Alton last Monday (11 Nov 1878).

John Dillow Sr., of Dongola, aged about 79 years, died.

Solomon Dillow, of Dongola, aged about 73 years, died.

Martha Dillow, wife of Jerome Dillow, of Dongola, aged about 22 years, died 8 Nov 1878.

George M. Wood, of Cobden, born 9 Apr 1840, in Schoolcraft, Mich., died at the residence of his

brother-in-law, J.W. Fenton, 10 Nov 1878, and was buried in Kankakee.

Joel G. Morgan died at Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., 9 Oct 1878.  He was the editor of the Jonesboro

Gazette in 1862.


30 Nov 1878:

Only infant daughter of John and Jane Miller, died at Springville 24 Nov 1878.

Thomas McDOnald, of Hazlegreen, Wis., died of whiskey poisoning Monday evening (25 Nov 1878).

Miss Sarah Elizabeth Leavenworth, sister of Ebeni Leavenworth, of Dongola, born 6 Nov 1813, Rome, N.Y., aged

       65 years, died of pneumonia 28 Nov 1878, and was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery. (See also 7 Dec 1878, issue.)


7 Dec 1878:

John Brown, son of Samuel Brown, of Pearmont, aged about 19 years, was accidentally shot and killed Wednesday

       (4 Dec 1878).

Martin Ury, of Jonesboro, father of J.L.Ury, of Union County, and C.M.Ury, of Bidwell's Barr, Butte Co., Calif., born

      3 Jun 1811, in Cabarrus Co., N.C., died 30 Nov 1878, and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery.  He came to Union

      County in 1819.  (See also 16 Nov 1878, issue.)


14 Dec 1878:

George B. "Uncle Bert" Corzine, of Dongola, aged nearly 60 years, died of pneumonia 7 Dec 1878, and

was buried in Hinkle Graveyard.

William "Uncle Bill" Gentry, of Makanda, aged 70 years, 2 months, 12 days, died of senile debility 2

Dec 1878, and was buried in Stone Fort Cemetery.

Peter H. Casper, aged 52 years, died of strangulation of bowels at his residence north of Anna, 12 Dec

1878, and was buried in Casper Cemetery.  (See also 21 Dec 1878, issue.)


21 Dec 1878:

Sophrona Deming, daughter of J. Harvey Deming, of Makanda, aged 17 years, died of pneumonia last week.

John F. Corbitt, of Makanda, died of whooping cough.

Joshua West, of West Eden, died of pneumonia Monday (16 Dec 1878)..

Child of A. McNaughton, aged 18 months, died Wednesday (18 Dec 1878), and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

Infant son of F.M. Youngblood, of Benton, Franklin County, died of diptheria 7 Dec 1878.


28 Dec 1878:

Daniel C. Michael, of Dongola, aged 21 years, died of bronchitis 11 Dec 1878, and was buried in Mt.Pisgah Cemetery,

      Pulaski County.

Child of J. Harvey Deming died at Makanda of diptheria and croup (This reference may be to Sophrona. Deming

       mentioned in the 21 Dec 1878, issue.)


11 Jan 1879:

Charles Crowell, husband of Elizabeth M. (Bennett) Crowell and son of John Crowell, born a few miles

south of Jonesboro, aged 58 years, 4 months, 4 days, died at his residence in Jonesboro 4 Jan 1879, and was buried in Kimmel Graveyard.

Mary Athal Deming, daughter of J. Harvey Deming, died at Makanda of diptheria 1 Jan 1879.

Mr. Stockleth, of Cairo, Alexander County, died 28 Dec 1878.

Daughter of John Hagler was burned to death 24 Dec 1878.


18 Jan 1879:

Anslem Guthrie, born 4 Jul 1796, in Virginia, aged 82 years, 6 months, 9 days, died 13 Jan 1879, and was buried in the

       family cemetery.  He was a solider in the War of 1812 and was pensioned.  He came to Illinois in 1837.

Mrs. Mary Jordan, aged 98 years, died at the residence of her son in Mill Creek 4 Jan 1879.

Wife of John Wright, died of typhoid fever 12 Jan 1879.

Thomas McDonald, a pauper, died.


25 Jan 1879:

George Webb, step-son of John O’Daniel, of Makanda, died last Wednesday (22 Jan 1879).

Robert Rowan, of Makanda, born in Ireland, died last Friday (17 Jan 1879).  He was a volunteer under

Wellington and was going to Waterloo when news of Napoleon's defeat arrived.

Will J. Fenton, of Salt Lake City, Utah, son of James W. Fenton, born 25 Oct 1848, in Springfield, Ohio,

froze to death 10 Jan 1879.  He was a musician in 14th Regiment U.S. Army.  (See also 1 Feb 1879, issue.)

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Edwards, born 8 Jul 1803, in Charleston, S.C., aged 75 years, 6 months, 1 day, mother

of James Newton Edwards and William M. Brown, Daniel W. Brown and Miss Lizzie Brown,

died at Anna 9 Jan 1879.  She settled at Trinity, Pulaski County, in 1817.  (See also 1 Feb 1879, issue.)

Charles H. Bainbridge, of DeSoto, Mo., son of Col. A. Bainbridge, aged 30 years, 25 days, died 6 Nov 1878.


1 Feb 1879:

Lizzie Maude Lamer, daughter of Willis and Mary F. Lamer, of Alto Pass, died of membraneous cough 27 Jan 1879.

Fannie P. Porter, wife of H.F. Porter, of Mound City, Pulaski County, aged 32 years, died 23 Jan 1879.

Amanda M. Thomasson, wife of T.S. Thomasson, of Villa Ridge, Pulaski County, aged 37 years, died 15 Jan 1879.


8 Feb 1879:

Thomas Meisenheimer died at his residence three miles east of Dongola 1 Feb 1879, and was buried at

Meisenheimer Schoolhouse.

Laura A. Tharp, daughter of Michael and Sarah Tharp, of near the lime kiln at Ullin, Pulaski County,

aged 2 years, 7 months, died of typhoid fever 24 Jan 1879.

James Tharp, son of Michael and Sarah Tharp, aged 5 months, died of typhoid fever 28 Jan 1879.

Sarilda Tharp, aged 54 years, died at residence of her son in Wetaug, Pulaski County, 2 Feb 1879.

Catharine Hoffner, widow of John Hoffner and mother of Caleb Hoffner, born 24 Jan 1788, in Rowan Co., N.C., aged

       91 years, 6 days, died of general debility and old age at her residence near Wetaug, Pulaski County, 30 Jan 1879.

Daniel Reed, aged 42 years, died at the residence of Wesley Hileman at Mill Creek 3 Feb 1879.

Youngest son of I.A. McKinney, of Tunnel Hill, Johnson County, died 30 Jan 1879.


15 Feb 1879:

John Wesley Kerr, aged 40 years, 11 months, 7 days, died at his residence five miles east of Cobden 21

Jan 1879.  The publisher stated he received a lengthy obituary, but did not have space to print it.

The funeral of Dr. George W. Schuchardt, son-in-law of John Dougherty, was last Sunday (9 Feb 1879).


1 Mar 1879:

Infant son of William Kimmel, of Johnson County, was buried south of Jonesboro in Kimmel Cemetery

last Saturday (22 Feb 1879).

Mrs. Mary McCoy, died 22 Feb 1879, was buried in Casper Cemetery.

Son of T.B. and Barbara Scarbrough, of Mill Creek, aged 1 year, 9 months, 11 days, died 13 Feb 1879.


8 Mar 1879:

Zeno Hopkins, of Makanda, died last week.

Mrs. Maria Fox, of Makanda, died last week.

Mary Waldo, of Makanda, died last week.

William Lanear, of Anna, aged 45 year, died Wednesday (5 Mar 1879).


22 Mar 1879:

Jacob Green, son of Mrs. Lucinda Green, of Cobden, aged 15 years, 2 month, 18 days, died of pus fever 19 Mar 1879

  .  (See also 29 Mar 1879, issue.)


29 Mar 1879:

Francis O’Neal, aged 69 years, died at residence of Peter Welch in Dongola of severe cold 22 Mar 1879.

Charles Nordling, brother of C. Nordling, aged nearly 56 years, died in Anna 23 Mar 1879, and was

buried in Casper Cemetery.


12 Apr 1879:

Minnie Dell Maple, only child of E. Calvin and Mary Maple, of Makanda, aged 14 months, died of meningitis 6 Apr 1879.

Mr. Peeler was killed in an accident at S. McClure’s saw mill in Alexander County last week.

Mrs. Reuben Parrot, of Dongola, died 7 Apr 1879.  (See also 28 Jun 1879, issue.)

Jack Murphy, of Anna, died yesterday morning (11 Apr 1879).

Mrs. Ed Hathaway, of Anna, sister of the late Jack McNamee, committed suicide by shooting herself

after trying to kill her husband 11 Apr 1879.  (See also 19 Apr 1879, issue.)

Levi White, widower of Lucinda (Elstone) White and husband of Lucinda (Brown) White, uncle of

Bruno Rixleben, brother of Mrs. J.E. Naill, born in New York, aged 74 years, 7 months, 9 days, died at his residence in Anna 4 Apr 1879.  He came to Illinois in 1821.


19 Apr 1879:

Arminda Roach, wife of Henry Roach, aged 45 years, died 12 Apr 1879.

Charles R. Brigham, of Milwaukee, Wis., only child of W.M. Brighham, born June 1849, aged 29 years,

died of lung disease at the residence of I.G. Goodrich in Cobden 14 Apr 1879, and was buried in Milwaukee, Wis.

Mrs. Paddock, of Cobden, born in Connecticut, aged 77 years, sister of H.S. Finley, died of paralytic stroke 14 Apr 1879.


26 Apr 1879:

Thomas Welch, born Ireland, aged over 60 years, died in Jonesboro last Monday (21 Apr 1879).

L.J. "Jack" Davis, formerly of Dongola, aged about 25 years, died at the St. Nicholas Hotel in Anna of

paralysis 23 Apr 1879, and was buried in Dongola Odd Fellows Cemetery.  (See also 3 May 1879, issue.)

Marshall Hodge, aged about 22 years, was killed in Cobden by Larkin F. Shepherd 20 Apr 1879, and

was buried in Johnson County.  Shepherd was sentenced to 25 years in Chester Prison.  Sheppard was to be pardoned in 1886.  (See also 1 Oct 1881, 8 Oct 1881, and 23 Jan 1886 issues.) 


3 May 1879:

Viola Patterson, daughter of Jonathon and Paulina Patterson, granddaughter of Rachel Karraker, and

niece of Jacob Karraker of three miles east of Dongola, age about 21 years, died at Sullivan 25 Apr 1879.



10 May 1879:

James F. McLoney, M.D., born 10 Mar 1837, in Cuyohoga Falls, Ohio, aged 42 years, died at his

residence in Cobden 5 May 1879, and was buried in Alleghany City, Pa.

Peggy Dillow, widow of Levi Dillow, died of typhoid fever last week.

John W. Robinson died at his residence two miles northeast of Alto Pass 5 May 1879.

Emma Kyser, infant daughter of Joseph and Catherine Kyser, died at her residence south of Jonesboro 5 May 1879.


17 May 1879:

Joseph G. Cormick, conductor on Illinois Central Railroad, aged 55 years, 3 months, 1 day, died at his

residence in Centralia 11 May 1879.

John A. Hale, infant son of Jeff and Nancy Hale, of Dongola, aged 1 year, 5 months, died of general debility

      from cutting teeth 12 May 1879.


24 May 1879:

Mary Schwartz, wife of Jacob Schwartz, of Makanda, died 21 May 1879.

Noah Corzine was hit over the head with a brick by Mr. Purecil, another patient in the insane asylum in

Anna, and died last Monday (19 May 1879)


31 May 1879:

Margaret Hinkle, widow of William Hinkle, of Dongola, aged about 55 years, died of dropsy at the 

residence of her son Elbert Hinkle, two miles east of Dongola, 27 May 1879, and was buried in Hinkle Cemetery

Mrs. William Sharp died.  (See also 2 Aug 1879, issue.)

A.N. Dougherty, third son of John Dougherty, aged about 42 years, died of heart disease last Saturday

night (24 May 1879).


7 Jun 1879:

Gen. James Shields, born in 1810, in Tyrone County, Ireland, formerly of Randolph County, died at

Ottumwa, Iowa, Sunday (1 Jun 1879).

Willie H. Schuchardt, infant son of Helen A. Schuchardt, died at residence of Judge Dougherty in Jonesboro

      4 Jun 1879.


21 Jun 1879:

Elizabeth Mowery, wife of Adam Mowery, aged about 48 years, died three miles west of Dongola 17 Jun

1879, and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery.  (See also 5 Jul 1879, issue.)

Harry Ballard, infant son of William H. and Isabelle Ballard, died 14 Jun 1879.


28 Jun 1879:

Child of Samuel Kendall, of Makanda, aged over 2 years, fell in a cistern last Monday (23 Jun 1879).

Mr. Doyle, of New Jersey, bled to death from a nose bleed at Anna last Sunday (22 Jun 1879).

William H. Frashier, aged 50-60 years, was killed by his landlord Robert S. Reynolds, at Hamburg last

Tuesday (24 Jun 1879).  Reynolds was acquitted of murder in Alexander County and moved to Cape Girardeau, Mo.  (See  also 16 Jul 1881, issue.)


5 Jul 1879:

Judge A.M. Brown died at Villa Ridge, Pulaski County, last Saturday (28 Jun 1879).

Miss Keetough, of Dongola, was found dead.

John Norris died of consumption at Tarlock, Calif., 18 Jun 1879.

Alfred S. Tilden died in Cass County, 18 Jun 1879.

John C. Schorr, aged German, died at Jonesboro last Sunday (29 Jun 1879).


12 Jul 1879:

Mr. Rash, formerly of Union County, was shot in Missouri in April 1879.

Sarah J. Bouton, wife of Thomas F. Bouton, of Jonesboro and daughter of Harvey and Susan Cady, born

23 Apr 1837, Centerville, St. Joseph Co., Mich., aged 42 years, 2 months, 12 days, died of spinal meningitis 5 Jul 1879.  (See also 19 Jul 1879, issue.)

Mrs. M.A. Brower, of Vienna, Johnson County, aged about 51 years, died while visiting her sister near

Vienna, Johnson County, 1 Jul 1879, and was buried in Oliver Cemetery in Johnson County.


19 Jul 1879:

Henry Culp, father of Elder David Culp, aged 70 years, died in Rich Precinct 11 Jul 1879.

Christian Mann, of Dongola, committed suicide at New Orleans, La.

Wife of Jacob Albright, of Mill Creek, aged 49 years, 7 months, 11 days, died 10 Jul 1879.

Son of Frank Graham, of Mill Creek, aged about 7 years, died 16 Jul 1879.

John Tweedy, son of Mrs. J. Burton, was killed when a horse fell on him Thursday morning (17 Jul 1879).


26 Jul 1879:

Aldine Broadway, infant son of Blake and Lillie Broadway, of Cobden, died of cholera infantum 18 Jul 1879.

Son of Richard Ladd, of Anna, aged 12 years, drowned in Hess Pond, south of Anna, last Sunday (20 Jul 1879).


2 Aug 1879:

John Goebel, pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at Kornthal, aged 39 years, died Wednesday (30 Jul 1879).


9 Aug 1879:

Mrs. Herbert, mother of Louis Herbert, of Cairo, Alexander County, died in Germany last month.

Charley D. Arter, of Cairo, Alexander County, was shot by John Hogan 30 Jul 1879.  (See also 4 Oct 1879, issue.)

Sophiah Lingle, of Springville, mother of Calvin Lingle, born in 1827, five miles north of Jonesboro,

aged 52 years, 5 months, died 4 Aug 1879.

Lydia Rinehart, wife of Joseph Rinehart, of Dongola, born in North Carolina, aged about 72 years, died 1 Aug 1879.

Samuel E. Griffith, son of William Griffith, aged 12 years, 9 months, 5 days, died 5 Aug 1879.

D.S. (Sams) Cruse, wife of Alexander Cruse, died of consumption in Jonesboro 6 Aug 1879.


16 Aug 1879:

Thomas M. Eginton, of Winchester, Ky., son of Charles Eginton, died at Lake Minnatonka, Minn., 6 Jul 1879.

      (See also 6 Sep 1879, issue.)

Infant of John Kirkham died in Carbondale, Jackson County, of summer complaint and teething Tuesday (5 Aug 1879).

John Sullivan was shot by William Wallace, in East St. Louis, St. Clair County, Sunday (10 Aug 1879).

Caroline (Cameron) Simons, widow of Cyrus G. Simons, of LeRoy, N.Y., born 1815 in Caledonia,

N.Y., aged 64 years, died 30 Jul 1879.  (See also 19 Jun 1880, issue.)

Robert Charles Townes, infant son of Col. Robert R. and Kate L. Townes, aged 3 years, died 13 Aug

1879, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.


30 Aug 1879:

Lella Penrod, infant daughter of C. Penrod, of Dongola, died 24 Aug 1879.

Samuel Conrad Kimler, of Makanda, born 1 May 1850, near  Cincinnati, Ohio, aged 29 years, 3 months,

21 days, died 22 Aug 1879.  (See also 6 Sep 1879, issue.)


6 Sep 1879:

Mrs. Nancy Corzine, mother of Wilson Corzine, aged 83 years, died 26 Aug 1879.

H. Clay McClure, son of Thomas J. McClure, of Clear Creek, Alexander County, aged 22 years,

drowned in Mississippi River last Saturday (30 Aug 1879).  (See also 13 Mar 1880, issue.)


13 Sep 1879:

John Dougherty, son of Charles and Elizabeth (Wolf) Dougherty, born 6 May 1806, at Duck Creek, near

Marietta, Ohio, aged 73 years, died at his residence in Jonesboro last Sunday (7 Sep 1879).

Daisy Dale, daughter of Gano Dale, of Dongola, aged 13 months, died 8 Sep 1879.

Infant child of Calvin and Susan File, of Dongola, died 10 Sep 1879.


27 Sep 1879:

Theresa (Duschl) Fettinger, wife of Michael Fettinger, aged 34 years, 7 months, died 20 Sep 1879.


4 Oct 1879:

Dr. A.F. Shannon, aged 70 years, 3 months, died at his residence on Main Street in Anna 26 Sep 1879,

and was buried in Cobden Cemetery.

Mary Cox, youngest child of James and Martha Cox, born 7 Oct 1859, aged 19 years, 10 months, 17

days, died of billous intermittent fever 21 Aug 1879.


11 Oct 1879:

Lizzie Penrod, daughter of C. Penrod, of Dongola, aged about 3 years, died 6 Oct 1877, and was buried

in Dongola Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Nathan C. Meeker, formerly of seven miles southeast of Anna, born near Cleveland, Euclice Co., Ohio,

aged about 64 years, was killed by Ute Indians at White River, Colo.  (See also 8 Nov 1879, and

20 Dec 1879, issues.)


25 Oct 1879:

The funeral of the infant son of Wesley Miller was preached at St. John’s Church 19 Oct 1879.

Henry B. Maxey, oldest citizen of Jefferson County, died at Mount Vernon last Monday (20 Oct 1879).


1 Nov 1879:

John Moyer, aged about 50 years, died of cancer which first appeared while a Union soldier, Wednesday

(29 Oct 1879), and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.


8 Nov 1879:

Frank Harmes, son of Dr. Harmes, of Dongola, aged 4 years, 8 months, died 4 Nov 1879, and was

buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Wife of George Weiss, of Jonesboro, died last Friday (30 Oct 1879).


15 Nov 1879:

Walter J. Lanier, of Anna, aged 19 years, 6 months, died of consumption at the residence of his mother 9 Nov 1879.


22 Nov 1879:

Alexander Miller, aged 18 years, died at Willard’s Landing 15 Nov 1879, and was buried in Morgan



29 Nov 1879:

James Hensley, of Makanda, died of miliary tuberculosis Monday night (24 Nov 1879).


6 Dec 1879:

O.C. Manees Jr., aged 51 years, 5 months, 20 days, died near Glen Allen, Mo., of inflammation of the

bowels 19 Nov 1879


13 Dec 1879:

Leroy Dillow, son of Jerome Dillow, aged about 3 years, died of croup 8 Dec 1879, and was buried in

      St.John’s Cemetery.

Major Elijah T. Phillips, of Du Quoin, born 1 Jan 1834, died Wednesday morning (10 Dec 1879), and

was buried in South Pass Cemetery.

Dr. Alexander G. Holden, of Jonesboro, widower of Elizabeth G. (Dabney) Holden, born 1 Nov 1816, in

North Carolina, aged 63 years, 1 month, 5 days, died 5 Dec 1879.  (See also 20 Dec 1879, issue.)


20 Dec 1879:

"Nancy" Anna (Wilkins) Hunsaker, widow of George Hunsaker, born in South Carolina, aged 87 years,

7 days, died in Anna at the residence of J.W. Hunsaker 16 Dec 1879, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

 (See also 10 Jan 1880, issue.)

John Walker, husband of Sarah M. (Beester) Walker, born in Stafferger Co., England, aged 64 years,

died of heart disease at his residence two and a half miles southwest of Jonesboro 14 Dec 1879, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.


27 Dec 1879:

Mrs. Scurlock, of Anna, died Tuesday evening (23 Dec 1879), and was buried at Dongola.

Noah Halterman was buried 24 Dec 1879.


10 Jan 1880:

Peter Peeler, born in 1801 in North Carolina, died of paralysis at his residence near Mt. Pisgah Church, near Dongola,

       27 Dec 1879.

Josiah Smith, of Willard’s Landing, aged 38 years, 8 months, 24 days, died of pneumonia 24 Dec 1879, and was buried

      Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Elizabeth Bean, widow of George Bean, mother of Josiah Bean, born 30 Dec 1806, Smith Co., Tenn., died 25 Dec 1879,

       and was buried in Mt. Tabor Cemetery.  She came to Union County in 1832.

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