Obituaries and Death Notices in the Jonesboro Gazette


Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois

Transcribed by:

Darrel Dexter

1 Jan 1876:

Mrs. Frank Neibauer, of Dongola, died of puerperal fever 28 Dec 1875, and was buried in Dongola Odd

Fellows Cemetery.

Mrs. Charles Baggot, of Anna, died of heart disease Sunday morning (26 Dec 1875), and was buried in Ohio.

Daniel Spence, born in 1791 in Surry Co., N.C., died 2 Dec 1875.


8 Jan 1876:

Infant of W.B. Elmore died a few days ago.

Infant named Bloodworth died 2 Jan 1876.

John Burns, of Dongola, died 1 Jan 1876.

Franz Geisert, of Cobden, born in Baden, Germany, aged about 60 years, died last Saturday (1 Jan 1876).


22 Jan 1876:

Eddie Hill, son of O.P. Hill, of Cobden, aged 4 years, drowned Wednesday (19 Jan 1876).

Son of George Davie, of the Bottoms, died at the residence of his grandmother, Mrs. Cover, in Jonesboro

Monday (17 Jan 1876),

Jessica Mildred Oberly, daughter of Jno. H. Oberly of Cairo, Alexander County, aged 3 years, 5 months,

12 days, died of diptheria 10 Jan 1876.


29 Jan 1876:

Marshall Crain was executed for the murder of George W. Sisney and William Spence at Marion, Williamson County,

          21 Jan 1876. (See also 5 Feb 1876, 12 Feb 1876, and 1 Dec 1894, issues, and the notes for the 20 Dec 1873, issue.)


5 Feb 1876:

Emma Wilcox, youngest daughter of Capt. L.P. Wilcox, of Anna, died.


12 Feb 1876:

James K. Upchurch, of Makanda, aged 68 years, brother of Hon. John Upchurch, died 29 Jan 1876, and

was buried in Union Church Graveyard. (See also 19 Feb 1876, and 4 Mar 1876, issues.)

Frederick Barringer, of Anna, aged 76 years, died 6 Feb 1876.

Jacob W. Cruse, of Jonesboro, son of Jacob W. Cruse Sr., aged 39 years, 6 months, died last Sunday (6 Feb 1876)

           and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery.

Mary Sharp, of Tunnel Hill Township, Johnson County, brother of Mrs. Cox, was killed by a train a few

miles north of Vienna, Johnson County, last Monday (31 Jan 1876).


19 Feb 1876:

Henry Hanson died of typhoid fever at his residence near Carbondale, Jackson County, last Saturday (12 Feb 1876).


26 Feb 1876:

Richard W. Sessions, aged 67 years, died at his residence near Anna 20 Feb 1876. His remains were

moved from Casper Cemetery to Anna Cemetery, 21 years later (3 Jul 1897, issue).

A.J. Vorris died 10 Feb 1876.

Dr. Johnson died at Carbondale, Jackson County, 17 Feb 1876.

W.P. Springs, of one and a half miles southeast of Marion, Williamson County, died last Sunday (13 Feb 1876).


4 Mar 1876:

C.V. Turlay, son of T.C. and L.C. Turlay, of Leavenworth, Kan., formerly of Anna, aged 5 years, 6

months, 23 days, died 23 Feb 1876.

Mrs. Fonston, of Rich Precinct, was buried at Squire Keller’s (Lija Brooks’ old place) graveyard.


11 Mar 1876:

Child of H.H. Floyd, of Dongola, died last Friday (3 Mar 1876).

Jacob Peeler, born in North Carolina, aged 69 years, 4 months, 9 days, died three miles south of Dongola

26 Feb 1876, and was buried in Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Pulaski County,

Ford Dodds Inscore, infant son of M.J. Inscore, of Anna, died 6 Mar 1876.

Infant of William Pullen, of Anna, died 9 Mar 1876.

Daniel Hetler, of Anna, died when he fell from a barn he was building near Dongola Monday (6 Mar 1876).

Hattie Belle Smith, daughter of George W. and Dora C. Smith, of Makanda, aged 5 months, died 4 Mar 1876.

William A. Crowell, of Jonesboro, aged 28 years, died of consumption at the residence of his father C.

Crowell in Jonesboro 5 Mar 1876.

Harrie Hartman, oldest son of J.S. Hartman, of Makanda, died at Collinsville, Monday (6 Mar 1876).


18 Mar 1876:

M.J. Chapman, wife of J.B. Chapman, of Vienna, Johnson County, sister of M. and W. Davidson, aged

31 years, died at the residence of her brother-in-law, Mr. Kimber, five miles south of Jonesboro 13 Mar 1876.

Caleb C. Miller, aged 64 years, died at his residence near Springville 14 Mar 1876.

Alfred Lane, son-in-law of the Rev. I.N. Albright, of Anna, died at his residence six miles east of Anna

16 Mar 1876, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery. (See also 25 Mar 1876, issue.)


25 Mar 1876:

Mrs. Mary McMahon, aged 63 years, died of pneumonia at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nathan Karraker,

           at Dongola 10 Mar 1876.

Moses Hutson, of Alexander County, 12 miles south of Jonesboro, born six miles south of Jonesboro,

aged 64 years, died 21 Mar 1876.

John Halpin, brother of George W. Halpin, formerly of Anna, died in Covington, La., 13 Mar 1876.


1 Apr 1876:

Wife of John Clements, of Dongola, died 24 Mar 1876.

Mr. Scott, of Dongola, died last week.

Helena Belle Brown, daughter of William and Isabella Brown, aged 2 years, died 24 Mar 1876.

James D. Perryman was stabbed to death at Greenville by his brother John Perryman 27 Mar 1876. His

wife was a niece of Lt. Gov. John Dougherty, and he published the Jonesboro Gazette from 1864 to 1866.

William Nisbit, of west part of Jonesboro, father of Alex Nisbit, died 29 Mar 1876. (See also 22 Apr 1876, issue.)


8 Apr 1876:

George Babel Anderson, of Pulaski County, son-in-law of J.T. Miller, was stabbed to death by Sam

Stewart east of Grand Chain, Pulaski County, 2 Apr 1876.

George W. Kimmel, son of Daniel Kimmel, born near Jonesboro, aged 53 years, 4 months, 25 days, died

of pneumonia south of Jonesboro 4 Apr 1876. (See also 22 Apr 1876, issue.)

Mrs. Elizabeth Bamford, aged 76 years, died at the residence of her son-in-law, Hiram Walker, and was

buried in Philadelphia.


15 Apr 1876:

Sarah Carlisle, wife of Henry Carlisle, died of heart disease at Cobden 8 Apr 1876. (See also 22 Apr 1876, issue.)

George Farris was stabbed by Pleasant Frogge on William Abernathie’s farm near Alto Pass

Wednesday (12 Apr 1876). Frogge then headed for Texas. (See also 22 Apr 1876, issue.)

Freddie Stokes, aged about 8 years, died of congestion of brain last Sunday (9 Apr 1876).

Capt. W.R. Floyd, of Anna, aged 40 years, 3 months, 14 days, died at his residence two miles south of

Anna, of pneumonia, and was buried in Big Creek Cemetery.

Infant of M.V Powell died 9 Apr 1876.


22 Apr 1876:

Wife of Jeff K. Damron died of pneumonia at Makanda last week.

Wife of Silas Clark, daughter of John Allmon, died at Makanda.

Infant of F. Neibauer, aged 2 or 3 months, died.

Claudia Rendleman, infant son of Lafayette and Eliza Rendleman, died of congestion of lungs 11 Apr 1876.

Ida Meisenheimer, aged 8 years, 5 months, 6 days, died 12 Apr 1876.

Roseltha M. Strowger, wife of Prof. A.B. Strowger, daughter of John P. Clark of North  Rochester, Ohio,

           aged about 38 years, died 12 Apr 1876.

David Knupp, son of Samuel Knupp, aged 21 years, 3 months, died 16 Apr 1876.


29 Apr 1876:

Capt. I.W. Burgess died 23 Apr 1876.

Maggie Edwards, wife of James C. Edwards, aged 38 years, died at Waterloo 24 Apr 1876.

G.W. Florer (also reported as Joseph Flohr), of near Toledo, Alexander County, hanged himself last Monday

           (24 Apr 1876). (See also 13 May 1876, issue.)


6 May 1876:

John Hunter, of Carthage, committed suicide last week.

Ed Scroth, of St. Jacobs, died last Tuesday (2 May 1876).

John E. Phillips, son of D.L. Phillips, aged 23 years, died of consumption in Springfield 28 Apr 1876.

J.M. Prickett, of Carbondale, Jackson County, died.

Edward Woods, son of Giles Woods, of Morgan County, aged 22 years, was poisoned from eating wild parsnips.

Wife and children of Jasper N. Hogan drowned at Big Sandy Bridge a few weeks ago in Scott County.

James Bell, of New Boston, was accidentally shot and killed.

Augustus Thorn, son of W.B. Thorn, of Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, aged 18 years, was killed in

railroad accident outside Belle Rive.

Moses Hartman, aged 42 years, died 2 May 1876. (See also 13 May 1876, issue.)


13 May 1876:

Christiana Meisenheimer, widow of Moses Meisenheimer, died 4 May 1876.

Harrison Bean, of Western Saratoga, aged 19 years, 3 months, 18 days, died of pneumonia 22 Apr 1876.

Little Evans boy of Caseyville, aged 2 years, was struck by a train and killed.

Willis V. Lamer, son of Willis and Mary F. Lamer, aged 2 years, 3 months, 20 days, died 10 May 1876.


20 May 1876:

Georgiana Cormick, only daughter of Joseph and Louisa Cormick, died at Jonesboro 5 May 1876.

Mrs. Elizabeth Shipley died 17 May 1876.

James Lancaster died two miles south of Elkville, Jackson County, of pneumonia 3 May 1876.


27 May 1876:

Adam Metzger, aged about 55 years, died of internal injuries 24 May 1876, and was buried in the

German graveyard south of Jonesboro.


3 Jun 1876:

Mary Miller, of Havana, aged 15 years, committed suicide.


10 Jun 1876:

Father W.S. Maddock, Catholic priest from St. Marysville, Mo., drowned near Warsaw 31 May 1876.


17 Jun 1876:

Pat Fitzgerald was struck by lightning about two miles south of Jonesboro Wednesday (14 Jun 1876).


24 Jun 1876:

Evan Poor, son of Capt. George B. Poor, aged about 18 months, died 18 Jun 1876.

Amanda Jane Inscore, wife of M.J. Inscore, aged 33 years, died at Anna 21 Jun 1876.


1 Jul 1876:

Delila McElhaney, mother of Jasper and Hannibal McElhaney, aged 82 years, died at Jonesboro 27 Jun 1876.

A.F. Standard died.


8 Jul 1876:

Mrs. Sarah Moss, aged 74 years, died at the residence of her son-in-law H.G. McGahey, 1 Jul 1876.


15 Jul 1876:

Alfred B. Peak, aged 35 years less 15 days, died at Water Valley 5 Jul 1876. (See also 23 Sep 1876, issue.)

Daniel Tice, son of Jacob Tice, aged 7 years, 3 months, drowned in pond near D. Craver’s 9 Jul 1876.


22 Jul 1876:

John A. Neeber died.

William Stokes died 16 Jul 1876 of apoplexy.

Willie Prewitt, only child of Frank and Josephine Prewitt, aged 1 year, died 19 Jul 1876. (See also 29 Jul 1876, issue.)


29 Jul 1876:

Ulysses Grissom, aged 23 years, was shot by W.F. Stewart at Tope's field one mile north of Makanda 22 Jul 1876.

Mandane Scurlock, daughter of Joshua and Sina E. Scurlock, aged 17 years, 10 months, 22 days, died 19 Jul 1876,

           and was buried in Dongola Odd Fellows Cemetery.


12 Aug 1876:

Elias Meisenheimer, brother of A. Meisenheimer, died four miles east of Dongola, and was buried in

Friendship Cemetery.

Son of Dr. H.O. and M.I. McKay, aged 2 years, 1 month, 22 days, died 3 Aug 1876.


19 Aug 1876:

Old Man Burbridge was killed at Crab Orchard Bridge two miles east of Carbondale, Jackson County,

by Jerry Crain of Williamson County, in the fall of 1862.

William M. Briggs, aged 58 years, died 17 Aug 1876.

Infant of Martha Wallace was killed by the mother, four miles west of Jonesboro, while living with the

Marsh Winchester family. She is said to have several months earlier killed another infant by throwing the baby in the hog pen.


26 Aug 1876:

Infant daughter of E. Davis, aged 4 months, died of cholera infantum 21 Aug 1876.

Sophia Walcher, widow of John H. Walcher, born North Carolina, aged 71 years, died at the residence of her nephew,

           John Lyerlie, five miles southeast of Jonesboro 29 Jul 1876, and was buried in Big Creek Cemetery

The funeral of the Rev. Amos Sanford was preached in Anna last Sunday (20 Aug 1876)


2 Sep 1876:

Charles Dillow, aged 50 years, of near Springville, died of congestive fever 30 Aug 1876.


23 Sep 1876:

W.R. Corzine died at Dongola 14 Sep 1876.

Son of Edward Hilbold, aged 7-8 years, died at Dongola of brain fever 13 Sep 1876.

Child of John Clements, of Dongola, died.


30 Sep 1876:

Child of A.A Batson, of Elmore Settlement, died.

Anna Schoenberger, wife of C. Schoenberger, of Jonesboro, aged 57 years, died 24 Sep 1876.

Ernest Anderson, son of B.H. Anderson, aged 10 months, died 21 Sep 1876.


7 Oct 1876:

Mrs. C. Penrod, of Dongola, aged 33 years, died of consumption last week.

Col. Henry L. Webb, born in New York, aged 82 years, died 5 Oct 1876, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

           (See also 10 Oct 1874, and 14 Oct 1876, issues.)

Nancy (Sands) Tyget, widow of Hugh Tyget, born in Amherst Co., Va., 3 Dec 1793, aged 82 years, 9

months, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Jane Brandon, three miles east of Makanda, 31 Aug 1876.


14 Oct 1876:

James Corgan, of Cobden, died 9 Oct 1876.

F. Harbaugh, of Cobden, died 10 Oct 1876.


21 Oct 1876:

Benjamin Head, aged 20 years, was accidentally shot and killed while hunting a half mile from Willard's Landing.

Daughter of M.V.B. Eaves, aged 6 years, died Saturday last week (14 Oct 1876).

Sarah Peeler, wife of John Peeler, of Anna, aged over 62 years, died 12 Oct 1876, and was buried in

Jonesboro Cemetery.

Jonathon A. Baker, of Pleasant Hill, Williamson County, died 11 Oct 1876.

Mary M. Nusbaum, wife of David Nusbaum, aged 45 years, 5 months, 8 days, died in Jonesboro 19 Oct

1876. (See 28 Oct 1876, issue.)


28 Oct 1876:

Widow Brown died at Dongola 20 Oct 1876.

William Mangold died 19 Oct 1876.

Inez May Auston, wife of Charles J. Auston, aged 25 years, 6 months, 20 days, died 23 Oct 1876.


4 Nov 1876:

Jacob Lingle, aged 94 years, died 1 Nov 1876.

Alfred Riggs was murdered by George or William Grady 29 Oct 1876. Others involved were Hugh

Grammer, William Miller, William Chandler and Willis Biddle.

Rebecca Davault, widow of George Davault, aged about 76 years, died 27 Oct 1876, and was buried in

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Pulaski County.


11 Nov 1876:

George Ritter, aged near 50 years, committed suicide 3 Nov 1876.

Hazen Howard Hill, aged 30 years, died of consumption at his residence in Jonesboro 4 Nov 1876.

Joseph L. Bridgeman, born in Tenneesee, aged 32 years, 9 month, 5 days, died on the farm of Christian

G. Flaugh of malarial fever and typhoid pneumonia 4 Nov 1876, and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

Albert A. Lyerle, youngest son of Aaron and Priscilla Lyerle, aged 3 years, 11 months, 17 days, died 3 Nov 1876.


25 Nov 1876:

Augustus L. Spring, of Cobden, son of the Rev. Samuel Spring of East Hartford, Conn., and brother of

Samuel Spring, born 21 May 1820, in Abington, Mass., died 17 Nov 1876, and was buried in Mt. Tabor Cemetery.

Fred Aebli, son of W. Aebli, of Grand Tower, Jackson County, was drowned in the Mississippi River last week.

Lively Rushing, of Anna, died 11 Nov 1876.


2 Dec 1876:

Wife of Elder H. Kerr, died at Dongola Saturday (25 Nov 1876).


9 Dec 1876:

Louis Schutt, died on the farm of Mike Fettinger, three miles west of Jonesboro, when a load of wood in

a wagon overturned on him 4 Dec 1876.


16 Dec 1876:

Edward Beale, of Cobden, died 8 Dec 1876, and was buried in Phelps, N.Y. (See also 3 Mar 1877, issue.)

Isaac Crabtree, born 6 May 1808, in Wayne Co., Ky., aged 68 years, 7 months, 2 days, died 8 Dec 1876.

(See also 23 Dec 1876, issue.)


23 Dec 1876:

John Franklin, of Bloomington, died 5 Dec 1876.

W.D. Irwin, of Beardstown, aged 55 years, died Tuesday (19 Dec 1876).

Charles Cullimore, of Jacksonville, died 11 Dec 1876

Martha Morton Lyon, widow of the Rev. Chester Lyon, born in 1807 in Whatley, Mass., age 69 years, died at the

             residence of her daughter, Mrs. T.A.E. Holcomb, in Cobden 19 Dec 1876. (See also 27 Jan 1877, issue.)

Catharine B. Richardson, wife of Elder H.H. Richardson and daughter of Obadiah Russell, born 3 Aug

1805, in Caldwell Co., Ky., died 19 Dec 1876. (See also 30 Dec 1876, issue.)

Newton J. Chester died 21 Dec 1876.

George W. Morgan, of Belknap, Johnson County, formerly of Dongola, died 20 Dec 1876.


30 Dec 1876:

Mrs. C.C. Goodhue, mother of Mrs. E. Phillips of Du Quoin and mother-in-law of John Kennard, aged

56 years, died 20 Dec 1876, and was buried in Cobden Cemetery.


13 Jan 1877:

A.W. Simons died 8 Jan 1877.


20 Jan 1877:

Elizabeth Sifford, wife of Silas Sifford and daughter of James and Annie Powel, born 6 Nov 1831, in

Logan Co., Ohio, died 11 Jan 1877.  (See also 3 Feb 1877, issue.)

John Kerr, twin brother of James Kerr, born 8 Jun 1799, in Whitington Co., Ky., aged 78 years, died at his residence near

      Topping School house 16 Jan 1877. He came to Union County from Alabama in 1803.  (See also 28 Apr 1877, issue.)


27 Jan 1877:

Rhoda Treese, widow of James Tinsley and Jacob Treese and mother of B.F. Treese, born in South Carolina,

       aged 78 years, died at her residence a half mile west of  Jonesboro 15 Jan 1877.  (See also 3 Feb 1877, issue.)


3 Feb 1877:

Dr. Griffin Avett, born in North Carolina, aged 64 years, 11 months, died of wounds from a fall from his

horse at his residence six miles south of Jonesboro 26 Jan 1877.


10 Feb 1877:

Jasper K. Damron died at his residence seven miles southeast of Makanda of typhoid pneumonia 5 Jan 1877.

Mary Rendleman, wife of John Rendleman, daughter of George Kimmel, born 2 Mar 1824, near

Dayton, Ohio, aged 52 years, 11 months, 3 days, died at her residence near Makanda of cancer of  the liver 3 Feb 1877.

Alvan B. Lovell, aged 19 years, 15 days, died of pneumonia 26 Jan 1877.

Francis Tripp, widow of William Tripp and daughter of William Grammer, born in Kentucky, aged 78

years, 11 months, 5 days, died at the residence of her son, John Tripp, two miles west of Jonesboro 5 Feb 1877.


24 Feb 1877:

Jacob __el, of Johnson County, formerly from the Bottoms, died Tuesday (20 Feb 1877).

Joseph Chester, son of Nathaniel Chester, born in Union County, aged 27 years, 4 months, 11 days, died

one and a half  miles west of Jonesboro 18 Feb 1877, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

Sarah A. Flaugh, wife of Henry B. Flaugh, widow of John Neal, born in Missouri, aged 35 years, 9

months, 23 days, died one and a half miles west of Jonesboro 18 Feb 1877, and was buried in McClure Graveyard.

William Vader, son of John Vader, aged about 12 years, was caught in a cog wheel and crushed to death

at Cuhl & Sons Mill in Dongola last Friday (16 Feb 1877).


3 Mar 1877:

David Green, nephew of Samuel and Parish Green, born 27 Nov 1804, in South Carolina, aged 72 years,

2 months, 26 days, died 23 Feb 1877.  He came to Union County at the age of 6 months in 1805 and settled six miles northeast of Green's Ferry on John Bittle farm.

Susannah Hoffner, aged 95-100 years, came to Union County from Rowan Co., N.C., in 1819, died 27 Feb 1877.


10 Mar 1877:

Child of Pat Willoughby, aged 10 months, died.


17 Mar 1877:

Dr. Martin Van Buren Harwood, born 8 Sep 1834, in Wilmington, Dearborn Co., Ind., age 42 years, 6 months,

      died 8 Mar 1877.

Jeremiah Huston, born in Gallatin Co., Ky., aged about 44 years, died at Mill Creek 7 Mar 1877.

John R. Cozby, born in  1797, in Abbeville District, S.C., aged 80 years, 4 days, died at residence of his

son James O. Cozby in Jonesboro 13 Mar 1877, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.


24 Mar 1877:

William Skehan, son-in-law of George Fisher, born 8 Apr 1828, in Orange Co., N.Y., died 21 Mar 1877.

Tenrie May Sanford, youngest child of the Rev. Amos Sanford, died of consumption 14 Mar 1877.


7 Apr 1877:

Mrs. Gattinger, aged about 67 years, mother of John Gattinger, Joseph Gattinger, Louis Gattinger,

Mrs. John Soergel, Mrs. Paul Misenheimer and Mrs. Graeb, at whose residence in Jonesboro she died 2 Apr 1877.


14 Apr 1877:

Ebeni Leavenworth, aged 66 years, died 8 Apr 1877, and was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery.  (See

also 5 May 1877, issue.)


21 Apr 1877:

Child of Asa V. Davis, aged 14 months, died at Makanda of cancrum oris.

Eleanor (Dunlap) McLeery, widow of Robert L. McLeery, born 30 Oct 1808, in Sharon, Mercer Co.,

Pa., died 29 Mar 1877.  Her only son died 9 Jun 1862, of wounds received at the Battle of Shiloh.


28 Apr 1877:

Ottis Lee Lingle, son of Moses and Emily Lingle, aged 3 years, 10 months, 6 days, died of diptheria at

his residence three miles southwest of Jonesboro 24 Mar 1877.

Charles W. Kelly, husband of Martha E. (Meisenheimer) Kelly, born in Ohio, died of congestion of the

brain at his residence one and a half miles south of Jonesboro 4 Apr 1877, and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery.


5 May 1877:

William D. Kendricks, of Boskydell, Jackson County, was murdered by Jacob "Jake" Hightower with

the aid of Kendricks’s wife and her sister, Miss Cox.  (See also 8 Sep 1871, and 17 Nov 1883, issues.)

Margaret E. Potter died from a fall from a window at the Anna insane asylum 1 May 1877.

Mrs. Neely, mother-in-law of Fred Walters, died 28 Apr 1877, and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

Leonard Davis was reported murdered at Elkville, Jackson County, by Uriah (or William) Altimus. 

(Reported as not true in the 26 May 1877, issue.)

Alex Frasier was killed by D.A.S. Gent in Jackson County September 1876.  (See also 6 Apr 1878, issue.)


12 May 1877:

Miss Jennie Misenhimer, daughter of H.B. Misenhimer and half sister of Mrs. John B. Miller, age 21

years, 5 months, 2 days, died of consumption 9 Mar 1877.   (See also 3 Mar 1877, 5 May 1877, and 17 May 1877, issues.)

Missouri Lewis, wife of William Lewis, aged 51 years, 11 months, 23 days, died at her residence one and

a half miles west of Jonesboro 10 Apr 1877.


19 May 1877:

John Garrette died.


26 May 1877:

Louis Gorman died 19 Apr 1877.

Emma Rendleman, wife of A.J. Rendleman and daughter of Osborn R. Stearns, born 12 May 1856, in

Bangor, Maine, aged 21 years, died of consumption at Cobden 22 May 1877.  (See also 7 Jul 1877, issue.)


2 Jun 1877:

George Tieter, of Murphysboro, Jackson County, was run over by a train 6 May 1877.

Peter Hoffman died of consumption at Jonesboro 25 May 1877.


9 Jun 1877:

Wife of G.W. Hartline, of Anna, died last week.


16 Jun 1877:

James K. Davis, of Goreville, Johnson County, formerly of Cobden, was born in Memphis, Tenn., aged

55 years, died 10 Jun 1877, and was buried in the family graveyard.  He came to Illinois in 1841.


14 Jul 1877:

John F. Bacon, born 30 Apr 1835, in Essex Co., England, aged 42 years, 2 months, 10 days, died 10 Jul 1877.


21 Jul 1877:

Luella Gillman, widow of Frank Gillman, daughter of P.P. Barlow, born 1 Apr 1851, in Hennepin,

Putnam County, died in Anna 13 Jul 1877.

Frank Gillman drowned at Cairo, Alexander County, 7 Feb 1876.


28 Jul 1877:

Wife of Dr. Wheeler, of Anna, died 23 Jul 1877.


4 Aug 1877:

John H.R. Williams died 31 Jul 1877.  (See also 11 Aug 1877, issue.)

Willie Cauble, son of Peter Cauble, died 31 Jul 1877.

Ernest Davie, son of S.A.B. and M.C. Davie, aged 1 year, 10 months, 25 days, died 17 Jul 1877.


11 Aug 1877:

George Daugherty, brother of John Dougherty, born in Marietta, Ohio, aged 78 years, died at his

residence two miles west of Jonesboro 27 Jul 1877.  He had six sons and five daughters.  A son, George Daugherty died in the army during the Civil War and one daughter died before him.  He also had six stepchildren.  W. C. Whitlock was a stepson.  (See also 22 Jan 1915, issue.)

Sidney Alden Grear, son of Sidney and Phena Grear, of Jonesboro, aged 4 months, 10 days, died at the

residence of Charles Barringer 13 Jul 1877.  (See also 18 Aug 1877, issue.)


18 Aug 1877:

Miss Nettie Limbert died.

Addie Dugan, wife of John Dugan, born 24 May 1861, in Alexander County, died at the residence of her

father, John Brown, at Mill Creek 13 Aug 1877.

George S. Nealy, son of George and Rebecca Nealy, of Murphysboro, Jackson County, died 6 Aug 1877,

and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.


25 Aug 1877:

Jasper D. Zimmerman, son of Mary C. Zimmerman, of Makanda, aged 15 years, died of typho malarial fever.

       (See also 6 Oct 1877, issue.)

H.C. Judy, of Cobden, died of asthma last Monday (20 Aug 1877).

Melissa Cover, widow of Allison Cover, aged about 50 years, died.


1 Sep 1877:

Sarilda A. Hill, aged 24 years, died at Cobden of consumption 25 Aug 1877.

J.C. Waldo, of Makanda, died of heart disease.

Mrs. George B. Corzine, aged about 50 years, was buried in Hinkle Graveyard.

Martha Agnes Hunsaker, wife of B.F. Hunsaker, born 2 Sep 1830, Cape Girardeau Co., Mo., died.


8 Sep 1877:

Elder D. Matlock, of Makanda, died Sunday evening (2 Sep 1877), and was buried at Makanda.


15 Sep 1877:

Ella Piersoll, wife of I.C. Piersoll, died last Saturday (8 Sep 1877).

Daniel W. Bell died in St. Louis, Mo., last week.


22 Sep 1877:

Arthur Lee Stanton, infant of D. and M. Stanton, died at the residence of James Lingle near Dongola 17 Sep 1877.

Nancy S. (Vanalstine) Lombard, widow of Solomon Lombard, of Dongola, born 15 Aug 1829, in

Danube, Herklimer Co., N.Y., died 6 Sep 1877.

Isaac Brown, widower of Cyntha (Davis) Brown, born in Kentucky, aged 74 years, 5 months, 21 days,

died at his residence six miles south of Jonesboro 10 Sep 1877.  He came to Union County in 1808.

Christina Hanna Drexler, wife of John Drexler and daughter of E. Beisingwert, aged 22 years, of

Jonesboro, died 16 Sep 1877.


6 Oct 1877:

Wife of Thomas Harvel died at Cobden last Tuesday (2 Oct 1877), and was buried in Jefferson County.

Minerva Zimmerman, of Makanda died of typhoid fever Sunday (30 Sep 1877).

Wife of George Gorden, sister of Mrs. Menees, Mrs. Lowery and Mrs. Grentry, died of consumption,

dropsy, and heart disease at her residence on West Main in Anna, last Sunday (30 Sep 1877).

Nancy Margaret Casteel, daughter of Russian and Cordelia Adelina Casteel, of Alto Pass, age 9 years, 2

months, 4 days, died of congestion of brain 5 Sep 1877.

John N. Rhoades, of Jonesboro, husband of Elizabeth (Martin) Rhoades born 8 May 1820, died 3 Sep 1877.

John Neeley was murdered in Norris City, White County, Friday (5 Oct 1877).


13 Oct 1877:

George W. Brown, born two miles south of Jonesboro, aged 62 years, 5 months, 22 days, died at his 

residence four miles south of Anna and  six miles southeast of Jonesboro 9 Oct 1877.  (See also 20 Oct 1877, issue.)


20 Oct 1877:

Thomas Stapleton, of Cobden, aged 60 years, died 13 Oct 1877.

Martha M. Culp, wife of Elder David Culp, born in Kentucky, aged 42 years, 7 months, 13 days, died of

fever 18 Oct 1877.  (See also 27 Oct 1877,  and 3 Nov 1877, issues.)


27 Oct 1877:

Thomas W. Randall, son of T.D. Randall, was accidentally shot near Fort Smith, Montanna Territory, 28 Aug 1877.

Birdie Gates, infant son of T.H. and Sallie Gates, of Shawneetown, Gallatin County, died 15 Oct 1877.


10 Nov 1877:

Isaac B. Essex, father of Truman B. Essex, of Beatrice Neb., aged 78 years, was trampled to death by

cattle at fhis arm three miles north of Cobden Wednesday (7 Nov 1877), and was buried in Rock Island.  (See also 1 Dec 1877, issue.)


24 Nov 1877:

Rachel (Nordyke) Goyer, wife of Dr. J.J. Goyer and mother of Mrs. Ben Hunsaker of Jonesboro, born

in 1803 in Bridgeton, N.J., died at Eaton, Ohio, 17 Nov 1877.  (See also 1 Dec 1877, issue.)

Dwight C. Pender, of Rich Precinct, aged about 72 years, died 5 Nov 1877.  He served in Hacker’s Co.

in the Mexican War.

Infant son of Andrew J. and Augusta Brown died at home three miles south of Jonesboro 19 Nov 1877.


8 Dec 1877:

Lizzie Baker, wife of William Baker, of Rich Precinct, died 25 Nov 1877.

Mrs. J. Halterman, died of brain fever Thursday (6 Dec 1877), and was buried in Camp Ground


Only child of Samuel Landis, of Rich Precinct, died.


5 Jan 1878:

Jackson Frick, of Jonesboro, youngest son of Caleb Frick, born 21 Aug 1845, in Jonesboro, died

Saturday (29 Dec 1877), and was buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

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