Obituaries and Death Notices in the Jonesboro Gazette


Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois

Transcribed by:

Darrel Dexter

10 Jan 1874:

Dr. J.G. Hawkins, of Cobden, born in 1842 in Kentucky, died of heart disease 1 Jan 1874.

Nellie Pollard, aged 58 years, widow of Abraham Davis and Mr. Pollard, died at the residence of her

son, John M. Davis, 28 Dec 1873.

Sophia A. (Hawkes) Town, of Cobden, wife of Ebenezer Town, mother of Mrs. Henry Frick, born 11

Oct 1813, in Charleston, Mass., died of billous fever 2 Jan 1874.

C.S. Davis, died at Hallettsville, Texas, 26 Dec 1873.

James Crowell, of Jonesboro, aged about 20 years, son of Charles Crowell, died two miles west of

Jonesboro of consumption 26 Dec 1873.

Eliza A. Sublette, aged 16 years, died at the residence of J.G. Sublette in Anna 25 Dec 1873.

C.L. Brooks died of pneumonia near Anna 31 Dec 1873.

Dr. R.M. Humbell, aged 48 years, 6 months, 7 days, died in Jacksonville 22 Dec 1873, and was buried in Anna Cemetery.

Mary Mitchell, aged 18 years, died recently in St. Louis.

17 Jan 1874:

Jacob R. Peeler, of Dongola, aged 58 years, died of pneumonia 13 Jan 1874, and was buried in Union

Church Cemetery. (See also 22 Jan 1874, issue.)

Mrs. Nancy Willard, aged 99 years, 10 months, 5 days, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. W. Davie,

             in Jonesboro 12 Jan 1874. (See also 28 Feb 1874, issue.)

Orela C. Brown, wife of John R. Brown and daughter of Dr. J.V. Schuchardt, aged 33 years, 3 days,

died of consumption at Columbus, Pope County, 1 Jan 1874.


24 Jan 1874:

James Evans died of pneumonia at his residence in Jonesboro 17 Jan 1874. He was born 17 Nov 1839, in

New York and came to Illinois in 1845. He was an army correspondent for the Chicago Times.

Helen Lyerle, daughter of Henry and Margaret Lyerle, aged 4 months, died 18 Jan 1874.


31 Jan 1874:

Penn Tope was murdered last fall. Mike, Tom and Jane Sides were accused of the crime.

Benjamin Scott, relative of Mayor Grear of Jonesboro, was murdered in Ripley, Butler Co., Mo., by John W. Purdon.

Joseph Bybee, of Preston, aged 52 years, died of pneumonia 29 Jan 1874. He was born in Glasgow, Ky.


14 Feb 1874:

John Jeude, of Cobden, born 17 May 1846, Hesse, Germany, died 10 Feb 1874, and was buried in Clemens Cemetery.

Son of Jerry Gilmore, aged 3-4 years, was run over by wagon at Dongola and died.

Amos J. Anderson, of Cobden, died 4 Feb 1874.

J. Green Webb, aged about 46 years, died 7 Feb 1874.

Anna Grantum, of Pleasant Grove, aged 20 years, died of epilepsy.

Charles Wesley Simmons, aged 3 years, 2 months, 9 days, died in Jonesboro 8 Feb 1873.


21 Feb 1874:

Abram Brown, aged 62 years, died five miles east of Anna last Tuesday (17 Feb 1874). He was born in Union County.

Mrs. Louisa (Sabin) Cowdery, wife of Asa A. Cowdery, born 1 Aug 1834, in Saxton's River, Winnham Co., Vt., died

            in Cobden 18 Feb 1874.


28 Feb 1874:

Dr. D.M. Jones, aged 59 years, of Toledo, Alexander County, died of congestion of the brain 20 Feb

1874, and was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery near Moscow. (See also 7 Mar 1874, and 21 Jun 1874, issues.)

U. Gilman, of Dongola, died four miles west of Dongola of cerebro spinal meningitis Monday (23 Feb

1874) He was the fifth in the family to die in five weeks.

Robert Firestone, of Anna, aged 45 years, died 24 Feb 1874.

Wife of William Swafford, of Cobden, died Tuesday (24 Feb 1874).

Sarah Miller, mother of John D. Miller, aged 93 years, died 7 Feb 1874.

Wife of John Lewirght, of Cobden, died Monday (23 Feb 1874).

Edwin H. Lothrop, of Three Rivers, Mich., brother-in-law of E.G. Robinson, died Tuesday last week (17 Feb 1874).


7 Mar 1874:

E.W. Spaulding, of St. Louis, brother of S.C. Spaulding, aged 53 years, died 22 Feb 1874, and was buried in

           Janesville, Wis.

Mrs. Abram (Davault) Karaker, of Dongola, died of puerperal fever Monday (2 Mar 1874).

Julia Manal, daughter of Joseph Manal, of Dongola, died of consumption 3 Mar 1874.

Mrs. Mary A Russell, aged 51 years, died at residence of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Frick, 27 Feb 1874.


14 Mar 1874:

Mrs. Mary Curry, aged 60 years, born in East Tennessee, died near Anna of congestion of the brain 2 Mar 1874.

Mrs. Winthrop Patterson, aged about 42 years, died at the residence of her brother-in-law, Capt. Stinson, 8 Mar 1874.

Mrs. Clara A. Brooks, mother of the late Claudius L. Brooks, aged 78 years, died of bronchitis 4 Mar

1874. She was born in 1795 in New York, near Poultney, Vt.


21 Mar 1874:

Wife of A.J. Dale, of Dongola, died of paralysis and hemiplegia 12 Mar 1874.

Henry Rendleman, born 13 Oct 1805, in Rowan Co., N.C., died two miles west of Cobden 16 Mar 1874.


28 Mar 1874:

Cremora I. Morgan, wife of T.W. Morgan, died at Glasgow, Mo.

Bradford Brown, died 26 Mar 1874.

Polly Hileman, wife of John Hileman, aged 52 years, 11 months, 3 days, died 25 Mar 1874.


4 Apr 1874:

Dave Bulliner or Bolinger was murdered in Williamson County, 30 Mar 1874. (See also the notes above

under the 20 Dec 1873, issue.)


11 Apr 1874:

Rose Anna Thompson, daughter of Theodore W. and Lovina R. Thompson, aged 1 month, 10 days, died

of whooping cough 7 Apr 1874.

Luella Story, daughter of Thomas G. and Emeline Story, aged 13 years, died 22 Mar 1874.

Infant son of Fannie Littleton, died last Monday (6 Mar 1874). Fannie was charged with the murder.


25 Apr 1874:

Benjamin Franklin Mowery, son of A.W. Mowery, aged 16 years, 2 months, 28 days, died near Dongola

of epilepsy 15 Apr 1874.

Wife of William Butcher, of Cobden, died of pneumonia Tuesday (21 Apr 1874).

Alfred Cotner, aged about 65 years, drowned in the Mississippi River opposite Hamburgh Landing Monday (20 Apr 1874).Henry L. Frazelle drowned in Mississippi River opposite Hamburgh Landing Monday (20 Apr 1874).

Col. James S. Tucker, agent for the Illinois Central Railroad, died at New Orleans 15 Apr 1874.


2 May 1874:

George W. Erwin, of Anna, born in Little York, Pa., aged 53 years, died 25 Apr 1874.

Mrs. Eliza Lane, daughter of I.N. Albright, aged 37 years, died at her residence five miles east of Jonesboro

            29 Apr 1874.

A.J. Kean, of Kentucky, was killed by J. Howes. (See also 19 Dec 1874, issue.)


9 May 1874:

Wife of the Rev. Boyer, of Dongola, died.

Mary E. Evans, daughter of John Evans, of Jonesboro, aged 26 years, died of pneumonia 30 Apr 1874.


16 May 1874:

Mrs. Jane Roettle, daughter of Levi Craver, aged 29 years, died 8 May 1874.


23 May 1874:

Mrs. Elizabeth Donovan, of Cobden, born 24 Apr 1800, aged 74 years, died of diptheria Sunday (17 May 1874).

Levi Vancil died.

Mr. Henkains, of Cairo, Alexander County, was stabbed by Mr. Runner, at a house of ill fame on Poplar

Street in Cairo last Wednesday night (20 May 1874)


30 May 1874:

The funeral of John Radford was preached at Cottage Home, Williamson County. (See also 4 Jul 1874, issue.)

Jane Hess, daughter of Joseph Hess, aged 35 years, died 28 May 1874.


6 Jun 1874:

Jane (Robinson) Blessing, wife of Christian Blessing, of Cobden, died of pulmonary consumption 1 Jun 1874.

Infant daughter of Jesse W. and Mary C. Elmore, died near Makanda, 4 Jun 1874.


27 Jun 1874:

Maggie Gossage, wife of Charles Gossage, daughter of George E. Walker, died of consumption at Sing Sing, N.Y.

Amanda S. Settlemoir, wife of E. Settlemoir and daughter of Daniel W. Lyerle, aged 24 years, 11

months, 14 days, died four miles southeast of Anna, 22 Jun 1874.

Alice Sophronia Cauble, aged 15 years, 3 months, 7 days, died at residence of her father, Moses Hutson, 20 Jun 1874.


4 Jul 1874:

A.L. Miller, wife of George W. Miller, aged 20 years, 6 months, 1 day, died at East Colombus, Kan., 26 Jun 1874.

William McElhaney, born in Jonesboro, aged 44 years, 4 months, 3 days, died at the Anna Asylum 30 Jun 1874.


18 Jul 1874:

R.J. Nash, infant son of R.C. and E.R. Nash, died at Jonesboro 1 Jul 1874.

Jacob Hanners, second son of W.S. and Sarah Hanners, aged 2 years, died 11 Jul 1874.

Franklin Dye, son of Lindsay Dye, was killed by lightning on the farm of L.M. Cisne, near Cisne, Wayne

County, last Wednesday (15 ? Jul 1874).

Mr. Ellis was shot by G.W. Burton of McLeansboro, Hamilton County.

Robert Bribach was stabbed in Dunklin Co., Mo. His killer then committed suicide.

Mrs. Alfred Mortis, died of fright at Foxville, northeast of Rome, Ill., Tuesday evening (14? Jul 1874).

Susan C. Eller, daughter of Alexander Eller, was killed by lightning four miles south of Carlinville.

Infant of Sophia Mason, of Hillsboro, died. Sophia was arrested for the murder.

Frank Weaver, of Livingston's Mill, formerly of Vienna, Johnson County, was killed by horse falling on

him Thursday night (16 Jul 1874).

John Baptiste was killed in a train accident at Centreville Station.


1 Aug 1874:

Emma Frick, daughter of Henry and Ellen E. Frick, of Cobden, aged 13 months, 3 days, died 24 Jul 1874.

Sarah Hanners, wife of William S. Hanners, of Jonesboro, aged 25 years, died of consumption 27 Jul 1874.

Ali A. D’Arcourt, son of Charlie and Maggie D’Arcourt, aged 6 months, died 28 Jul 1874.

Thomas Humphrey, oldest brother of Mrs. G.W. Harris, aged 60 years, died near Clarence, Shelby Co.,

Mo., 11 Jul 1874.

Richard Flannigan was killed by John Carlisle by being hit on the head with a stake at Walpole, Hamilton County.


8 Aug 1874:

Martha Catherine Baker, wife of Jonathan A. Baker of Makanda and sister of the Rev. D.R. Sanders,

died near Pleasant Hill Church 16 Jul 1874.

Mrs. Anna Landon, of Jonesboro, aged 52 years, died 6 Aug 1874.

Mr. Dillon was killed by Mr. Stewart at Franklin County. About a year earlier, he had killed Dillon’s brother.


15 Aug 1874:

Alexander Hanson, William Taylor, Presley Smith, Andrew Mayer, and George Henry Weighman

were killed in boiler explosion at a coal mine at St. John’s near Du Quoin 11 Aug 1874.

Thomas M. Sr. Perrine, aged 60 years, uncle of T.M. Perrine of Anna, died at Perrineville, N.J., of

apoplexy 5 Aug 1874.

Solomon Lyerly, aged 54 years, 4 months, 4 days, died two and a half miles southeast of Irving,

Montgomery County, 7 Aug 1874. He was born 3 Apr 1823, in Union County.

Theobold Pfeiffer died at Peoria of paralysis 5 Aug 1874.


22 Aug 1874:

Mr. Rushing, of Johnson County, died suddenly of heart disease 17 Aug 1874.

Miss S.S. Emerson, aged 21 years, died at the residence of John Halterman 16 Aug 1874.

Sarah Penrod, daughter of David Penrod, aged 12 years, died four miles east of Dongola 13 Aug 1874.

John Britton, son of David and Martha Britton, aged 2 years, died in Jonesboro 19 Aug 1874.

Child of George Sturgis, of between Ullin and Pulaski, Pulaski County, was accidentally poisoned when

he was given morphine instead of quinine. (Reported as not dead in the 29 Aug 1874, issue.)

Capt. John Kelley, of Kelley Township, Warren County, died Thursday (13? Aug 1874).


29 Aug 1874:

Emma C.T. Eddleman, wife of T.J. Eddleman, died Monday (24 Aug 1874). (See also 31 Oct 1874, issue.)

Capt. M.H. "Bud" Byrne, born Cape Girardeau Co., Mo., aged about 51 years, died in Jonesboro 26 Aug 1874.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hanners, mother of William S. Hanners, aged 61 years, died 23 Aug 1874, and was

buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Wife of John King, aged about 24 years, died 24 Aug 1874.

Mrs. Brown, aged 73 years, died 24 Aug 1874.

Miss Nannie Hunsaker, of Jonesboro, aged 22 years, died of consumption 26 Aug 1874.

Child of Levi Shy, aged 6 months, died 26 Aug 1874.

Son of Peter Verble, aged 14 years, died 18 Aug 1874.

A.H. Brevard committed suicide by drowning at Willard’s Landing 21 Aug 1874.

Robert B. Spencer was struck by lightning and killed near Lexington, McClean County, 10 Aug 1874.


12 Sep 1874:

Son of Obe Stanley, aged 12 years, accidentally shot himself 10 miles east of Anna 27 Aug 1874.


26 Sep 1874:

Wife of Alexander Walker died in Dongola 10 Sep 1874.

William Goodman, son of Moses Goodman, of Anna, aged 18 years, died of congestion of the brain 22 Sep 1874.

Joseph Cathwell, aged 27 years, of Gilford, Ontario, Canada, died at the residence of Frank Short in

Alexander County, of hepatitis 22 Sep 1874.

Simon Bishop was shot and killed near Osage Saturday (19 Sep 1874). He was witness in the case

against the murderer of Isaac Vancil.


3 Oct 1874:

Walter Willard Toler, son of Levi Toler, aged 4 years, died of croup 26 Sep 1874.


10 Oct 1874:

Vince Hinchcliff was killed seven miles from Carbondale, in Williamson County, last Saturday morning

(3 Oct 1874). He was victim in Bulliner-Russell feud.


24 Oct 1874:

Peter Sears, of Cobden, born 8 May 1796, in Cape Cod, Mass., aged 79 years, died at residence of

Marshall Clark 16 Oct 1874. (See also 31 Oct 1874, issue).

Rebecca May Chandler, daughter of J. and Eliza Chandler, of Cobden, died 20 Oct 1874.

Hezekiah Inman, of Makanda, born in South Carolina, aged 66 years, died of erysipelas 15 Oct 1874.

Almina (Abrams) Moyer, wife of John M. Moyer, of Jonesboro, aged 38 years, 8 months, 6 days, died 21 Oct 1874.


31 Oct 1874:

Wife of David Penrod, of Dongola, died of puerperal fever 28 Oct 1874.

Wife of Benjamin Vancil, of Cobden, aged 64 years, died Saturday (24 Oct 1874).


7 Nov 1874:

Isaac E. Maclin, aged 63 years, was killed by train in St. Louis 3 Nov 1874.

Mrs. I.C. Taylor was killed by a falling tree limb 29 Oct 1874.

Infant Kerr, of Mt. Pleasant, aged 5 months, died of catarrhal croup.

Son of William Bradley, aged 4 years, died six miles east of Dongola of burns Saturday (31 Oct 1874).

Avis E. Underwood, daughter of Dr. J.G. Underwood, aged about 14 years, died 31 Oct 1874.

John N. Patton, aged 41 years, died of consumption at Cairo, Alexander County 21 Oct 1874.


14 Nov 1874:

Mr. Johnson, African-American, was murdered half a mile from Ullin, Pulaski County, towards Morris'

Mill by Mr. Haynes, African-American, 29 Aug 1874.

Randle Casey, aged near 90 years, died 10 miles north of Vienna, Johnson County, 20 Oct 1874. He

came to Johnson County in 1816.

Maggie Ruth McGahey, only daughter of E.C. and C.A. McGahey, aged 3 years, 10 months, died at Anna 5 Nov 1874.

Lucinda Kimmel, wife of David Kimmel, aged 24 years, 1 month, 11 days, died two miles west of

Jonesboro of consumption 4 Nov 1874.

George Elmore Walker, formerly of Cobden, born 4 Nov 1803, in Nashville, Tenn., died at Chicago on

Monday (9 Nov 1874), and was buried at Ottawa. (See also 21 Nov 1874, and 5 Dec 1874, issues.)


21 Nov 1874:

Mary Ann (Edmonds) Webb, wife of Col. H.L. Webb, aged 79 years, died at Makanda 16 Nov 1874.

John Conlon, of Fayette County, died on a steamer at Cairo, Alexander County.


28 Nov 1874:

George Patterson, son of Winthrop Patterson, of Anna, aged about 13 years, died 14 Nov 1874.


19 Dec 1874:

Mrs. Ira Greer, of Mt. Pleasant, died of consumption 12 Dec 1874.

John Davis, of Kinmundy, Effingham County, was shot and killed by W.J. Allen last Wednesday.


9 Jan 1875:

Nellie Pruett, infant daughter of William Pruett, of Dongola, died 29 Dec 1874.

Mrs. Grinny of Mt. Pleasant, aged 42 years, died 2 Jan 1875. (This is probably Mrs. Granay.)

Samuel J. Eastman, of Anna, aged 50 years, died 5 Jan 1875.


16 Jan 1875:

Moses J. Stearns, of New Burnside, aged about 46 years, died of congestion of lungs 31 Dec 1874. He

was born in Maine. (See also 30 Jan 1875, issue.)

Jacob Corzine, of Dongola, died of pneumonia 5 Jan 1875.

Mr. Green hanged himself at the Illinois Southern Hospital for Insane in Anna 8 Jan 1875, and was

buried in Jonesboro Cemetery.

Michael Roshler was killed at Cairo, Alexander County, when the upper floor of an ice house fell on him.

Edwin McGahey, born in North Carolina, aged 70 years, died at Murphysboro, Jackson County, of

pneumonia, 4 Jan 1875.


23 Jan 1875:

Taylor Otrich died of consumption southeast of Anna 20 Jan 1875.

Henry Treese died north of Anna 18 Jan 1875.

Infant child named Butler, of upper Alexander County, was burned to death in his cradle 18 Jan 1875.


30 Jan 1875:

Hugh Parks, of Saline Precinct, Williamson County, died.

Son of Hugh Parks was killed when a tree fell on him and was buried with his father last Friday (22 Jan 1875).

Baby found abandoned in Dan Davie’s tree nursery in Anna died last Wednesday (27 Jan 1875).

Tow boys named Harris, sons of Mrs. W.W. Stewart of Thebes, Alexander County, were killed in gun

fight in Laconia, Ark., last week.

Mary Culp, wife of Henry Culp, aged 62 years, of Water Valley, died of bronchitis 4 Jan 1875.

William Powell, of Saratoga, died in a railroad accident last Tuesday (26 Jan 1875).

Abner Cox, of Vienna, Johnson County, formerly of Mt. Pleasant, died 28 Jan 1875.

John Neal, aged 45 years, died south of Jonesboro 23 Jan 1875.

Mrs. Martha Moreland Cox, aged 52 years, died at the home of George Cox in Jonesboro 24 Jan 1875.

Willie Stone, son of Martha Stone, aged 15 years, was killed when a tree limb fell on him.


6 Feb 1875:

J.J. Lence, aged 56 years, of Cobden, died of typhoid pneumonia 2 Jan 1875.

John Walker died at his residence near Villa Ridge, Pulaski County, 10 Jan 1875.


13 Feb 1875:

George Mason, son of W.A. Mason, of Dongola, aged 6 years, 2 months, 7 days, died of pneumonia 5 Feb 1875,

Menerva Hall, wife of G.W. Hall, aged about 54 years, died of pneumonia 1 mile west of Jonesboro 10 Feb 1875.
Sophia Cover, wife of Abraham Cover, of Western Saratoga, aged 44 years, died 7 Feb 1875.

Cecelia Hurst, consort of Henry S. Hurst, born in Claiborn Co., Tenn., 21 May 1830, died of erysipelas 19 Jan 1875.


20 Feb 1875:

Sim Grace, African American, was killed by Bill King, African American, at Charleston, Mo., 9 Feb

1875. (See also 17 Jul 1875, issue.)

Charley Knous, son of Gottlieb Knous, of Cobden, aged 2 years, died Tuesday (16 Feb 1875).


27 Feb 1875:

M.L. Dunlap, of Champaign County, died.

Edward Talbot Shipley, aged about 84 years, died at residence of his son, R.T. Shipley, in Jonesboro 23 Feb 1875.


6 Mar 1875:

Alice Gibbs alias Clark, African American, was shot at Cairo, Alexander County, by Jack Ross, a one-

armed white man from Mound City, Pulaski County.

Henry Mangold, of Mt. Pleasant, born in 1803 in Switzerland, aged 73 years, died of anernia 22 Feb 1875

         . (See also 27 Mar 1875, issue.)

Angeline Farrer, wife of J.C. Farrer, of Anna, born in Wayne Co., Pa., aged 39 years, died of consumption 27 Feb 1875.


13 Mar 1875:

Thomas Hodges, of Cobden, born 24 Feb 1807, in Alabama, died of lung disease 6 Mar 1875. (See also

20 Mar 1875, issue.)

Mary Black, wife of George Black, aged about 45 years, died at Cobden last Saturday (6 Mar 1875).

Naidi Hale, daughter of Melinda Hale, of Cobden, aged 3 years, died last Saturday (6 Mar 1875).

Mack Henderson, of Tyrone Township, Franklin County, was accidentally shot by his 44-year-old

brother last Saturday (6 Mar 1875).

Louis Neustatt, of Cobden, aged about 35 years, died of pneumonia last Saturday (6 Mar 1875).

William Hoyle, of Cobden, aged 32 years, died of typhoid pneumonia Sunday (7 Mar 1875).

Elbert Easterly, of Carbondale, Jackson County, died.

Jeremiah Hoel, of Anna, born 18 Aug 1806, in Hamilton Co., Ohio, aged 69 years, died two miles east of

Anna. (See also 17 Apr 1875, issue.)

Charlotte Spann, wife of Silas H. Spann and daughter of Thomas Standard, born in Union County, aged

53 years, died in Jonesboro 11 Mar 1875.

William Rainy, aged 30 years, of Cobden, died last Saturday (6 Mar 1875).


20 Mar 1875:

Mark Jackson, African American, drowned in Hess Bayou, Pulaski County, Tuesday (9 Mar 1875).

Edward Lind, of Cobden, aged 22 years, died of lung fever Tuesday (16 Mar 1875).

George W. Braswell, of Mt. Pleasant, died of typhoid pneumonia 6 Mar 1875.

Warner Henard, of Mt. Pleasant, aged 9 years, died 6 Mar 1875.

Frank Leaborn, of Newport, Ky., supposed drowned in Ohio River at Mound City, Pulaski County, last

Saturday (6 Mar 1875).

Mary Stokes, of Mt. Pleasant, aged about 17 years, died 10 Mar 1875.

Marian Boswell, of Mt. Pleasant, aged about 16 years, died of traumatic inflammation 11 Mar 1875.

Tim Coyle, formerly of Villa Ridge, Pulaski County, was injured in a fall and died at Cairo, Alexander

County, Wednesday (17 Mar 1875).

John Wisher, fireman, was killed in an Illinois Central Railroad accident a mile north of Dongola last

Saturday (13 Mar 1875).

Old Man Thompson died on his boat on the Kentucky shore opposite Mound City, Pulaski County, 13

Feb 1875.


27 Mar 1875:

Maggie Burnside, of Cobden, aged 45 years, died last Saturday (20 Mar 1875).

Frank M. Williams, son of Mary Williams, aged 42 years, died of consumption at Jonesboro 23 Mar



3 Apr 1875:

Mary McGraw died at the residence of L. Treece, six miles east of Makanda, 10 Mar 1875.

Clarinda Rendleman, wife of Martin Rendleman, of Cobden, aged about 50 years, died of consumption

1 Apr 1875.


10 Apr 1875:

Mattie Rowan, of Makanda, aged 18 years, died of consumption 28 Mar 1875.

John F. Dickerson, one of the oldest citizens of Makanda, died of consumption 28 Mar 1875.

Elizabeth Wallace, wife of James L. Wallace and daughter of Anslam Guthrie, of Western Saratoga,

aged 53 years, died at Cobden 2 Apr 1875.

Mrs. George Peeler, of Dongola, aged 20 years, died of lung disease last Monday (5 Apr 1875).


17 Apr 1875:

Mr. Brunswick, of Dongola, aged about 66 years, died at the residence of Fidel Fry near Dongola last

Thursday (15 Apr 1875).

Jake Kelsey, of Jonesboro, died of apoplexy 14 Apr 1875.


24 Apr 1875:

Fidel Fry, of Dongola, died of pneumonia last Friday (16 Apr 1875).


1 May 1875:

Mrs. Alfred Shiffley, of Dongola, died last Saturday (24 Apr 1875).


8 May 1875:

Jacob Misenhimer, son of Squire Misenhimer, of Dongola, died.


15 May 1875:

Patrick Kavanaugh was shot and killed by Charles Coffey alias Pendergras at Murphysboro, Jackson

County, 26 Apr 1875. (See also 11 Dec 1875, and 18 Dec 1875, issues.)


22 May 1875:

James Murray, of Johnson County, was shot and killed by Leander Ferrill in Williamson County.

Frank Clark, of Cobden, born in 1835, in Vermont, aged 38 years, died of consumption 18 May 1875.

(See also 29 May 1875, issue.)

Joseph Upchurch, aged about 13 years, was killed in an accident at Cover's saw mill in Anna Tuesday

morning (18 May 1875).


29 May 1875:

William B. Fisher, of Cairo, Alexander County, formerly of Cobden, aged 30 years, 8 months, died of

congestion of stomach and bowels 20 May 1875.

The funeral of Miss McElray, of Dongola, was last Sunday at Pleasant Grove.

The funeral of Swanwick Jones, of Dongola, was last Sunday at Ebenezer.

The funeral of John Y. McGinnis, of Dongola, was to be 30 May 1875.


5 Jun 1875:

Wife of Dr. W.L. McLane, of Dongola and sister of Dr. Dodson, died 1 Jun 1875.

Ellen T. Menees, wife of A.W. Menees, of Cobden, aged 48 years, died 29 May 1875.

Minerva Musgrave, wife of James Musgrave, born in Bedford Co., Tenn., aged 55 years, died 30 May 1875.


12 Jun 1875:

S.H. Brazleton, of Jackson, Tenn., committed suicide at Cairo, Alexander County, 7 Jun 1875.

James H. Morse drowned at Cairo, Alexander County, 4 Jun 1875.


26 Jun 1875:

Wife of E.J. Hackney, of Elk Prairie, Jackson County, aged 47 years, died 13 Jun 1875.

Mrs. Anthony Peeler, of Dongola, died of consumption last Friday (18 Jun 1875).

Mrs. Kesterson, of north of Anna, died of small pox Wednesday (23 Jun 1875).

Amos Littlemeyer was stabbed 12 miles east of Metropolis, Massac County, by Charles Smith of Pope County.


3 Jul 1875:

The funeral of Mrs. Carrie McGinnis, aged 20 years, was at Mt. Pleasant last Sunday (27 Jun 1875).

Mr. Wrayburn, of Anna, died of small pox Wednesday (31 Jun 1875).

George Hunsaker, of five miles south of Jonesboro, born Pennsylvania, aged 85 years, 1 month, died 27 Jun 1875.

              (See also 10 Jul 1875, issue.)


10 Jul 1875:

Mr. Dunlap, aged 14 years, was bit by a rattlesnake near Marissa, and died.


17 Jul 1875:

Charley Nenninger drowned in Trinity Bayou south of Mound City, Pulaski County, Thursday (8 Jul 1875).

Infant son of S.P. Wheeler, of Cairo, Alexander County, was buried Wednesday (7 Jul 1875).

Thomas Hinkle, of three miles east of Dongola, died of inflammation of brain last Tuesday (13 July


Daughter of Abe Thorn, of Mt. Pleasant, aged 12 years, died of dropsy 11 Jul 1875.

Dr. J. Demming, of Water Valley, died of consumption 18 Jul 1875.

Murray B. Looney, aged 18 years, drowned in Frederick Hunter’s pond in Degonia Township, Jackson

County, last Sunday (4 Jul 1875).


24 Jul 1875:

Mrs. Mack Dempsey, of Mt. Pleasant, died last Sunday (18 Jul 1875).

Infant son of Susan Ragsdale, of Mt. Pleasant, died last Sunday (18 Jul 1875).

Harriet Thomas, daughter of Jesse Thomas, aged 11 years, of Dongola, died 16 Jul 1875.

Joseph Childers was murdered seven or eight miles south of Rockwood, Randolph County, by Thomas O. Nelson,

             12 Nov 1874.


31 Jul 1875:

Anna M. Crapo, adopted daughter of George M. Barnhardt, of Cobden Precinct, aged 5 years, died 19 Jul 1875.

Richard W. Peake, of Water Valley, born 10 Sep 1836, died of remittent fever 23 Jul 1875.

George Cisney, of Carbondale, Jackson County, was murdered Thursday evening (29 Jul 1875). (See

also 2 Oct 1875 and 16 Oct 1875, issues, and the notes above under the 20 Dec 1873, issue.)


7 Aug 1875:

William Spence, of Crainville, Williamson County, was murdered last Saturday (31 Jul 1875). (See also

2 Oct 1875, 23 Oct 1875, and 30 Oct 1875, issues, and the notes above under the 20 Dec 1873, issue.)

Hagler family of Dutch Ridge, Jackson County, was poisoned with arsenic.


14 Aug 1875:

Jacob Suttar, aged 27 years, was killed at Cairo, Alexander County, by 18-year-old Young Hutchinson

Sunday (8 Aug 1875). (See also 31 Jul 1875 and 16 Oct 1875, issues.)

John Carson drowned crossing a slough opposite Chester Wednesday (4 Aug 1875).


21 Aug 1875:

Thomas Kennedy was run over by train between Ullin and Williams' Mill, Pulaski County, Wednesday

(11 Aug 1875). (See also 29 Aug 1875, issue.)

Milton Colt was murdered by Ku Klux Klan in Franklin County.

Mr. Duckworth, of Franklin County, died.

William H. Roberts, of Lick Creek, aged 38 years, died of consumption 12 Aug 1875.

Daisy Henley, daughter of Robert S. and Loretta Henley, of Portland, Ore., aged 11 months, 5 days, died 2 Aug 1875.

Mr. E. Schoat, of Peoria, formerly of Anna, was feared murdered.


28 Aug 1875:

Mary L.J. Crotser, daughter of David and Rebecca P. Crotser, of Dongola, aged 5 years, 6 months, died 19 Aug 1875.

Mrs. W.J. Smith, of Du Quoin, aged 34 years, died of paralysis 20 Aug 1875, and was buried in Dongola

Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Walter Sherman Norrix, youngest son of Peter Norrix, of Rich Precinct, died.

Joel Lackey was run over by a train and killed at Ullin, Pulaski County, 15 Aug 1875.

James Brown was frightened to death at Crawford's Prairie, Jackson County, by the Ku Klux Klan.


4 Sep 1875:

Cornelia Byrne, daughter of Capt. Bud Byrne of Kentucky, aged 18 years, died of consumption, and was

buried in Jonesboro Cemetery last Sunday (29 Aug 1875).

J.H. Wild, died at Cairo, Alexander County, Thursday (26 Aug 1875).

Mr. Eschbach, a barber, was killed by William Gupton, a river boat pilot, at Cairo, Alexander County,

last year. (See also 11 Sep 1875, issue.)

Fritz Fuerhoff, brother of Henry Fuerhoff, drowned in the Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau, Mo.,

last Saturday (28 Aug 1875). (See also 11 Sep 1875, issue.)

Jacob Kesler, of Rich Precinct, died.

Mrs. William Fisher, of Rich Precinct, died.

Dr. Sidney S. Condon, of Anna, born near Nashville, Tenn., died Thursday (2 Sep 1875). (See also 11

Sep 1875, and 18 Sep 1875, issues.)

Laura Bohannon, daughter of A.D. Bohannon, of Anna, aged 3 months, 11 days, died 31 Aug 1875.

Mr. Storiass, African American, was killed in Cairo, Alexander County, by officer James K. Lane trying

to arrest him last Tuesday (31 Aug 1875)


11 Sep 1875:

Infant of Louisa Neal died of neglect 3 Sep 1875, and was found dead in the yard of Scott Whittington of Dog Prairie.


18 Sep 1875:

Jo Berry Johnson, of three miles from Dongola, aged 62 years, died of typhoid fever 10 Sep 1875, and

was buried in Karraker Schoolhouse Cemetery.

Mrs. Sarah Baze, of Rich Precinct, widowed sister of John and James Cochrane, died 31 Aug 1875.

Child of William Hendricks, of Rich Precinct, died last week.

John Cauble, of Hutchins Creek, aged 68 years, 9 months, died 9 Sep 1875.


25 Sep 1875:

Sarah Smoot, daughter of Thomas Smoot, of Dongola, died 18 Sep 1875.


2 Oct 1875:

Child of J.M. Kellar, of Cobden, was buried Wednesday (29 Sep 1875). This was the 9th child he had

buried. His twins died last month. He also buried two wives.

Mrs. G.W. Judy, of Cobden, aged about 50 years, died.

John Holshouser, of Dongola, father of John Holshouser, aged 73 years, 9 months, 13 days, died of

palsy and old age Sunday night (26 Sep 1875), and was buried at St. John’s Cemetery.

Jacob Eddleman, of east of Dongola, aged 50-55 years, died of inflammation of the bowels Tuesday (28 Sep 1875).

Mrs. Mary Vincent, of Mt. Pleasant, aged 70 years, died 27 Sep 1875.

Belle Edith Bostian, daughter of Charles and Lilla A. Bostian, aged 18 months, died of congestion of the brain

           15 Sep 1875.

Milly Knupp, born in North Carolina, aged 74 years, 1 month, 29 days, died at the residence of her son, Jacob Knupp,

            23 Sep 1875.


9 Oct 1875:

Moses A. Goodman, aged 51 years, 3 months, 29 days, fell in the exhibition hall at the Union County

Fair and died 8 Oct 1875. He was born in Rowan Co., N.C., and came to Union County in 1849. (See also 25 Sep 1875, and 16 Oct 1875, issues.)

Charles Goodman, son of Moses A. Goodman, aged 6 years, died 29 Sep 1875.

Hugh Jr. Andrews, son of Capt. Andrews, of Jonesboro, aged 3 years, 3 month, died 6 Oct 1875.

Eliza E. Miller, wife of F.M. Miller, aged 24 years, died of consumption at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Finley,

            5 Oct 1875.

16 Oct 1875:

Horatio Stone, of Cobden, died.

Calvin Keller, of Cobden, died Monday (11 Oct 1875)


23 Oct 1875:

Mr. Bowers and two children, of three miles northwest of Mound City, Pulaski County, were recently buried.

Mrs. Catharine Garver, of Dongola, aged 86 years, mother of Mrs. M.P. Walker, died Saturday (16 Oct 1875).

            She was born in Rowan Co., N.C.

Leannah (Tippy) Phillips, widow of John Phillips, born 22 Nov 1797, near Nashville, Tenn., aged 79

years, died of paralysis in Anna at the residence of her son-in-law, E.H. Finch 14 Oct 1875. (See also 6 Nov 1875, issue.)

Barbara Mitchell, widow of Thomas Mitchell, aged 75 years, died of paralysis at residence of James

Toler. She was born in Rowan Co., N.C.


30 Oct 1875:

Lucas Ames, of Cobden, born in Baden, Germany, aged 46 years, died Thursday night (28 Oct 1875), and

was buried in Cobden Cemetery.

Abigail Piersoll, daughter of I.C. Piersoll, aged 1 year, 15 days, died 22 Oct 1875.

Miss Louisa Parker, aged 25 years, died 26 Oct 1875.


6 Nov 1875:

Daughter of William Irvin, of Dongola, aged 6-7 years, died last week.

Minnie Trice, of Cobden, aged 16 years, died of lung disease Monday (1 Nov 1875).

Cora Philips, infant daughter of Elijah Philips, of DuQuoin, died 4 Nov 1875.

The Rev. A.V. Penoyer, son of Dr. H. Penoyer of Saratoga, died at Oak Lodge, Choctaw Nation, 23 Oct 1875.

Rutha Bradshaw, aged 89 years, died at the residence of David Miller, one mile south of Jonesboro 24 Oct 1875.

Samuel Durall, aged about 30 years, was killed by his employer, Columbus Mossure, in Massac County

Thursday last week (21 Oct 1875).


13 Nov 1875:

Lizzie H. Hartman, wife of Jacob H. Hartman, of Makanda, died of cerebro spinal fever 7 Nov 1875,

and was buried in Stone Fort Cemetery.

Cecil M. Lingle, daughter of Moses and Emily J. Lingle, of three miles south of Jonesboro, age 4

months, 28 days, died of congestive chills 26 Oct 1875.

Martha E. Colvin, daughter of Mrs. Charles Bastian, aged 7 years, 6 months, 17 days, died of croup 1 Nov 1875.


20 Nov 1875:

Rebecca J. Flaugh, wife of Henry Flaugh and daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Sams, aged 45 years, 8

months, 25 days, of three miles south of Jonesboro, died 17 Nov 1875. (See also 27 Nov 1875, issue.)


27 Nov 1875:

Dr. E.S. Hull, aged 69 years, died at his residence near Alton, Madison County, of inflammation of the stomach.

Stephen Barton, aged 60-70 years, of six miles east of Dongola, died when his buggy overturned Sunday (21 Nov 1875).


4 Dec 1875:

Eldest son of Elder David Culp, of Rich Precinct, died 30 Nov 1875, and was buried in Water Valley Cemetery.

Preston Anderson, aged about 68 years, died of apoplexy at residence six miles southeast of Anna 29 Nov 1875.

Ann Elinor Hawkins, widow of Thomas W. Hawkins, of Lexington, Ky., and mother of Mrs. G.A.

Tarleton and late Dr. James Ganard Hawkins of Union County, aged 90 years, died at the residence of her son-in-law, William B.Huston, 18 Nov 1875.

Child of Thomas Cochran, of Rich Precinct, aged 1 year, died 21 Nov 1875.


11 Dec 1875:

Peter Hileman, born 31 Jan 1795, in Cabarrus Co., N.C., aged 80 years, 10 months, 3 days, died 3 Dec 1875.

Mr. Van Cleve, of New York, father of the Rev. Van Cleve of Union County, died.


25 Dec 1875:

Delphina E. Sanders, wife of Dr. David R. Sanders and oldest daughter of Thomas Gallegly, aged 28

years, 10 months, 12 days, died of laryngel phthisis near Pleasant Hill, Williamson County, 21 Dec 1875, and was buried in Ebenezer Church Cemetery


1 Jan 1876:

Mrs. Frank Neibauer, of Dongola, died of puerperal fever 28 Dec 1875, and was buried in Dongola Odd

Fellows Cemetery.

Mrs. Charles Baggot, of Anna, died of heart disease Sunday morning (26 Dec 1875), and was buried in Ohio.

Daniel Spence, born in 1791 in Surry Co., N.C., died 2 Dec 1875. 

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