Obituaries and Death Notices in the Jonesboro Gazette


Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois

Transcribed by:

Darrel Dexter

5 Mar 1864:  [first issue extant]

Sophia Lence, wife of Allen or Alfred Lence, aged 25 years, 7 months and 24 days, died 26 Feb 1864.

James R. Lee, of Anna, aged 34 years, died of pneumonia 29 Feb 1864.


12 Mar 1864:

James L. Plater, aged 64 years, died near Western Saratoga 1 Mar 1864.


2 Apr 1864:

Samuel Dillow, of Jonesboro, died 30 Mar 1864.


16 Apr 1864:

James J. Provo, aged 50 years, was murdered by Pvt. John Mahon of the 60th Illinois, in Jonesboro 11 Apr 1864.
(See also 11 Jun 1864, issue.)


23 Apr 1864:

Alexander Brown, of Canada, formerly of Jonesboro, was buried this week in Jonesboro.


30 Apr 1864:

Col. Osborne, of the 31st Illinois, of Carbondale, Jackson County, was stabbed to death by William

Weaver. (See also 7 May 1864, and 21 May 1864, issues.)

Lt. Col. Newbold was killed in Louisiana.


7 May 1864:

Lily Josephine Nimmo, daughter of William C. and Sarah Nimmo, of Preston, aged 7 years, 2 months

and 7 days, died of bronchitis 2 May 1864.

Mr. Williams was murdered by Sweeney at Dongola last Saturday (30 Apr 1864).


21 May 1864:

Chester Langley, aged 33 years, accidentally shot himself Wednesday morning (18 May 1864).


4 Jun 1864:

Loretta Caroline Miller, youngest daughter of David Miller, aged 9 years, 4 months and 24 days, died of

typhoid 2 Jun 1864.


11 Jun 1864:

William Weaver was murdered by an armed mob in the Jackson County jail in Murphysboro Sunday evening (5 Jun 1864).


18 Jun 1864:

Leonidas Slack, of Co. I, 11th Illinois, died of disease at Memphis, Tenn., 24 Apr 1863.

George W. Sullivan, of Co. I, 11th Illinois, died of wounds at Memphis, Tenn., 22 May 1864.

Dennis Bullard, of Co. I, 11th, died of disease at Natchez, Miss., 14 Aug 1863.

John Threat, of Co. I, 11th, died of disease at Vicksburg, Miss., 21 Aug 1863.

James M. Cox of Co. I, 11th Illinois, died of disease at Natchez, Miss., 5 Oct 1863.

Benjamin F. Crane, of Co. I, 11th Illinois, died of small pox at Vicksburg, Miss., 25 Oct 1863.

Henry B. humphrey, of Co. I, 11th Illinois, died of disease at Vicksburg, Miss., 2 Jan 1864.

Joseph H. John’son, of Co. I, 11th Illinois, died of disease at Vicksburg, Miss., 3 Jan 1864.

William S. Gordon, of Co. I, 11th, Illinois, died of diease at Vicksburg, Miss., 4 Jan 1864.

Luke L. Rawls died of scalds received at Greenwood, Miss., 17 Feb 1864.

John Cureton, of Co. I, 11th Illinois, died of disease at Vicksburg, Miss., 25 Feb 1864.

Wesley Williams died of wounds on U.S. steamer C. Wood 5 Mar 1864.

John Treece was killed at Big Black River Bridge 11 Mar 1864.

W.L. Dougherty received a Masonic funeral from the Jonesboro lodge.


9 Jul 1864:

T.C. Corzine died at Vicksburg, Miss., 27 Jun 1864.


30 Jul 1864:

James C. Green, infant son of William and Amelia Green, of Jonesboro, aged 1 year, 1 month and 16

days, died of measles, 25 Jul 1864.
Peter F. Hileman, of Co. H, 11th Illinois, died 26 Jul 1864.


13 Aug 1864:

Thomas Brennan and wife of Makanda, died 8 Aug 1864.

Infant daughter of G.W Owens, of Makanda, died Wednesday (3 Aug 1864).

Daughter of Walker Spencer, of Makanda, died Thursday (4 Aug 1864).

Mr. Tosh, of Makanda, was buried Friday last (5 Aug 1864).


20 Aug 1864:

Mr.Winstead, of Cobden, aged about 35 years, died Monday (15 Aug 1864) in a saw mill accident.

Frank Davidson, in the cavalry, was reported killed or taken prisoner.


17 Sep 1864:

John Haynie, aged over 60 years, was murdered at Dongola last Wednesday (14 Sep 1864).


29 Oct 1864:

William Green’s funeral is tomorrow (30 Oct 1864)


4 Nov 1864:

Jewett R. Calkin of Jackson County died.


3 Dec 1864:

J.B. Everett Briggs, son of William M. and Sarah S. Briggs, aged 5 years, 4 months and 28 days, died 28 Nov 1864.

Marion Corder, formerly of Jonesboro, was murdered by Thomas Shearls at Thebes, Alexander County,

three weeks ago.


10 Dec 1864:

William B. Sessions was murdered at Hamburgh on the Mississippi River last Wednesday (7 Dec 1864).

(See also 24 Dec 1864, issue.)


17 Dec 1864:

John F. Corzine, aged 25 years, accidentally shot himself last Wednesday (14 Dec 1864) at his brother's.

Dr. R.M.T. Hunter, aged 55 years, formerly of Janesville, Wis., died 5 Dec 1864.


24 Dec 1864:

Mr. Black was shot by Mr. Robins at Sandy Island last Thursday (22 Dec 1864).


31 Dec 1864:

Mary Jane Murray, wife of James Murray, of Dongola, died of disease of the heart 22 Dec 1864.


7 Jan 1865:

Mr. Treece of east of Anna, died last week when a tree fell on him.

Mr. Dudley and daughter, drowned at Mound City, Pulaski County, Friday (30 Dec 1864).

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